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Thread: Pelvis problems?

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    Default Pelvis problems?

    I've had the whole sore pelvis thing for the last 3-4 weeks! I know its quite common and this subject has probably been approached before, but I was wondering if maybe I should head to the doc's over it?
    The pain is not constant. It's at its worst when I try and roll over in bed. Standing up and walking around doesn't help. The pain is mostly bearable. It's not the pain I am worrying about!! A few times now it has cracked.
    I know that it is most likely caused by Relaxin, and all the muscles having a few months off. lazy buggers!

    I know all the quick fix tricks: heat bag, panadol, have heard about going to a physio, but I'm afraid I wont fit into their office!!
    Someone has also mentioned having a brace that they were supposed to wear, but said it was more hassle than the initial pain.

    I am not a huge fan of taking any drugs during pregnancy. I dont like the pain, but I know that labor will be worse!! lol

    I was just wondering if this would cause me any permanent damage or have any serious implications for this or later pregnancies?


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    I had symphasis pubis dysfunction during this PG and also general pain in the other pelvic joints. I saw a physio for it and attended pilates which helped a great deal to manage the pain for me most of the time.
    I didn't use a brace. Cailin did so I'll ask her to come in and tell you about what helped for her.

    I found that doing pilates helped as strong pelvic floor muscles will support the joints. Also keeping your pelvis balanced at all times can help. The worst pain was when I stood on one foot like up and down stairs and if I got up from the floor in a kneeling position. Getting in and out of the car is also a killer. Put your bum on the seat first and then swing your legs over together. When you sleep you can use a pillow between your knees and when you roll over think about it first, breathe out, brace your pelvic floor and roll over in one smooth motion. It seems like a lot to think about when you're half asleep but it's better that the stabbing jolt of pain that comes if I didn't.

    Make your movements slow and deliberate. Think about how you'll do something rather than going gung ho.

    Give up the vaccuum! I did as it was a major trigger for me having a melt down. DH ended up being the vaccuum driver in my household as he quickly learnt that if I did it I would be in a gony for days afterward.

    I do still have problem now from it so going to a physio to learn some good management strategies could be a benefit to you.

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    I wore a brace and saw a physio that specialised in PSD. You'll need to get a list of do's and don'ts and I totally recommend where you can you follow that list. Even the way you dress or get in and out of the car can make it worse. Definitely go to the doctors and get a referral to a good physio. Post birth make sure you do some pilates or some sort of exercise to strengthen the area as I'm paying for it now with having not done anything after Paris' birth.

    My back is still a bit screwy but its moreso from my disc injury that I have.

    If you need anymore info let me know.

    But I definitely recommend finding a physio that specialises in SPD as my first physio had no idea...


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