thread: Pilates and Yoga

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    Jul 2004

    Pilates and Yoga

    Is it alright to start doing Pilates and/or Yoga at 20 weeks into pregnancy?

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    Mar 2004

    Hi Tegan,
    I know that if you don't excercise reguarly that they recommend that you start doing some in second trimester but you should take it easy and not push yourself too much. If you are doing classes make sure you let your teacher know you are pregnant or better still find a class designed for pregnant women. There are some DVD/videos of pregnancy excercises.
    You said in another post that you have a Drs appointment in a couple of days so I think that it would be best if you spoke to your Dr about what kind of excersise would be appropriate for you.
    My hospital runs ante-natal fitness classes. Maybe you should check to see if yours has a similar program or if your Dr can recommend one. As well as being a fun way to get/stay fit its a good way to meet other pregnant women.

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    Ive never done Pilates but I know you need to be really careful with yoga, definitely make sure your instructor is qualified and really knows what excercises you can and cant do while you are pregnant.

    If you are looking for an exercise vid/dvd I bought the PreggieBellies one a while ago and Ive found that pretty good. Its a mix of aerobic and toning and seems to incorporate a lot of the excercises the pregnancy books recommend.

    Good luck