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    I have just come back from seeing my OB and he has just given me the results of my 19 weeks scan. I have been told that my babys legs are not in proportion to the rest of the body ie like a dwarf. I need to have another scan in a week, as he said maybe it was done a bit too early as the baby is smaller than average for this number of weeks, more like a baby of 16 weeks.

    Everything else appears fine with the baby. Has anyone ever heard of this or had this happen to them. I have no family history of this. I am 5.4 and dad is 6.5! I was diagnosed with a bicornuate uterus earlier in the pregnancy, not sure if this could have something to do with it.

    My OB has said try not to worry until the next scan as there may be nothing wrong with the baby, but it is much easier said than done. I had a CVS done a few weeks back as I was in a high risk for Down Sydrome but all came back clear.

    I can hardly see computer with the tears, it just seems to be one thing after another with this pregnancy. As I drove away from the OB I felt the baby move for the first time, lots of little kicks, hence more tears. Maybe she is just telling me it will all be OK!.

    Any ideas anyone, very frantic mum to be here!


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    Fiona, personally I haven't experienced this, but listen to your OB. I'm sure if he was worried he would have organised another scan straight away not wait another week. I know it's easier to just tell someone not to worry than to do it, but try to just enjoy your pregnancy and have your scan next week. Maybe feeling the first movements on your way home is your little one's way of saying everythings ok.
    Sending you hugs and good thoughts for your next scan.

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    Awww Fiona :hugs:

    Sorry, like Nat I haven't experienced it either, but just wanted to say I'm thinking of you.

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    I dont know anything,but hugs and prayers are coming your way!!!

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    Hi guys

    Thanks for your well wishes.

    I actually went and had another scan the same afternoon. The specialist I was referred to wanted to re-do the scan that day. He seems to think that there may be a problem with the placenta and hence the baby is not getting 100%. He did all the measurements again and I have to redo the scan in two weeks. From what he says the baby looks smaller for size all over, but more so in the arms and legs. More of a 16 week than 19 week.
    The dates are accurate though.

    I am still not sure what this all means or if she will eventually be OK. I am trying to think positive but finding it really hard. Does anyone have any ideas on this or know of someone who has experience this?

    Thanks fiona

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    Hi Fiona,
    Hope everything pans out OK for you.
    Just thinking - what about contacting the midwives clinic at the local hospital and asking them if they have any contacts for you? There may be an association. I'm surprised the dr didn't offer anything. Its like they wait until things are definite and then they start the support! Well two weeks waiting is gunna send you mad, so please try to find someone to help.
    Thinking of you,

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    Hi Fiona.

    my boys always measured small for their dates. I found out in my last pregnancy that i have a gene disorder where my body does not break down protein like I should so nutrients don't get passed onto the baby as much. I was put onto high doses of vitamin B6 B12 and folate to help combat it but it was discovered pretty late into my pregnancy as well so didn't really do much in the end. I still gave birth to a 6lb and 6lb 5oz so not overly small at all in the end.

    love :hbeat:

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    Thank you so much everyone for your well wishes and advice. I will definitely be seeking further information, the waiting is impossible.

    I am so glad there is this website, it really helps.

    Best wishes to you all for a great weekend.



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    Thinking of you Fiona... I hope everything will turn out fine for you and bubbs [-o<

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    Sorry I too can't help you with any useful information other than what the girls have already said. Take care of you, try and get as much rest as possible and I'm sure boosting your vitamin intake wouldn't hurt either - just a thought.

    Take care