thread: Please help (TMI)...

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    Dec 2008
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    Please help (TMI)...

    Tonight I noticed that my "downstairs area" felt really soft and swollen, I got DP to feel it too and he said it felt "squidgy". It's the whole area front to back up and inside as far as I can reach. It feels kind of wierd and desensitised and like it's under pressure, (possibly from being swollen?) as well as that I feel like I need to pee but I don't.
    Bub's has been moving around a fair bit and I haven't had any extra discharge, however I have notice some stringy mucous, like what is described about the mucous plug, over the last few weeks (a very small amount at a time like a cm or two in length - the doc said it regenerates??) but without any brown or red tinge to it. I haven't had any spotting or pains, but I am worried it could be a sign that labour is about to start soon (probably stupid but I'm paranoid about this stuff) and being that I'm only 21 weeks pg that'd be bad.

    Sorry this is kind of all over the place I had a better one written up but BB ate it when I tried to post. GRR.

    Please help, I'm a bit scared.

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    You will feel different downstairs, everything seems to swell and get a bit squishy. You have heaps of extra blood flow and hormones going on atm.Your discharge with change from time to time as well. Some times you will get increased mucus and other times you'll feel drier. The consistency of the mucus can be watery to stringy too. Personally I don't think you've much to worry about but please ask your doctor if are getting worried.

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    i had the same thing when pregnant. As discharge goes... it can get pretty yukko when pregnant. To put your mind at ease give the nurse on call a quick ring and see what she thinks. heres the number -1300 60 60 24

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    Mar 2008
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    Yeah, I remember everything feeling wierd down there. Sooooo many freaky changes happen to your bod during pg!!

    I wouldn't be worried about the discharge. If its really enough plug to be worried about, you will know it, its pretty hard to miss. And if you were going into premature labour, I really think you would know it too- BH/contractions and probably bleeding.

    I KNOW how scary it is, I flipped out every ten minutes about something, but it always comforted me to know that major thing (like prem labour) show up in major ways and that generally strange smaller symptoms were just more wierd pregnancy stuff.

    Be wary of googling your symptoms too much. I can't tell you how many times I freaked myself out.

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    Dec 2008
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    Thanks guys, I have a habit of freaking myself out over nothing, not just with the pregnancy but in every day life. lol I am a major hypochondriac (even imagine symptoms lol)
    You know it had never occured to me to google it (probably for the better) lol. Stupid preggo brain.
    All the swelling and stuff seems to have gone away now anyway but I just wanted to check back and make sure it wasn't something that could be serious.

    Thanks again.
    Heather x

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    May 2007

    I wouldn't stress about it either.
    when i was pregnant with DD i had similar feelings.
    i think its pretty normal

    hope you're ok