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    Position of placenta


    I am 20 weeks today, so half way through this pregnancy.

    I have an anterior placenta, so it is right at the front.

    With Olivia I had a low lying posterior placenta, and I felt her movements really early at 16 weeks and the movement were easy & distinct to feel from 18 weeks.

    But with this pregnancy I can only just feel movement, & only when I sit or lay down and really concentrate.

    Does anyone know if the position of the placenta affects this? Or is it that Olivia was a really active baby, and this baby boy is a bit lazy?!

    I am not exactly worried or anything, but I certainly would like to be able to feel him moving more!

    What are your experiences?

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    Lucy, firstly congratulations on having a little boy and getting to half way. I`m sure that if your placenta is at the front like yours they say that it`s harder to feel movement as the kicks etc have to penetrate through the placenta before it gets to you IYKWIM.

    Take Care


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    i have no idea what position my placenta is in so im afraid i cant be any help

    i can say however that this baby has been very active and sposed to be a girl and when I was pregnant with joshua he hardly moved at all

    take care

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    Thats interesting you should say that Lesley as my Mum says the opposite, her girls hardly moved and her boy moved all the time, goes to show babies are all different.

    This little boy of mine moves constantly.

    Take Care


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    LOL! Olivia was wriggling & dancing around so much at my 20 weeks scan they told me to come back another day and to not have any juice or anything before hand so that she maight be a bit more peaceful so they could take the measurements!

    I think this little boy of mine must be a lot more chilled out..........

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    LOL at your chilled man Lucy!

    I am starting to think the same thing about where my placenta is too. I know it is low but I am starting to think it is at the front too.

    I am not feeling a great deal of movement and like you I often have to concentrate to feel it.

    I think this bub is chilling out while it can - for sure it is coming out into our crazy hectic life!! With kids like mine, who are rather feral today, this kid has no chance!!!


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    Lucy, my placenta is anterior and low too. Most of the movements I feel are kicks at the side or jumpy type movements. No kicks at the front. Don't worry, my doc said as you get bigger the baby can kick strong enough for you to feel it throught the placenta!

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    My placenta was in the front as well but it was also 3times the normal size (apparently) and low. I could feel some movements after around 25 weeks but I couln't tell it was a baby it felt more like muscle twitches!

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    Hi Lucy

    My placenta is at the front too - so I didn't feel anything substantial until about 20 weeks and even then it was only on the sides and down that I am 27 weeks, he moves a lot, but I can't feel anything at the front at all! (wish I could though) So I have to be content with the side kicks that I get every now and again....


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    ALl three of my pregnancies for placenta has been at the front, movement was always around 20wks (i really got worried but at the 20wk scan bubs were moving everywhere i just could not feel it) i have never has the big huge kicks and really only just fluttering - with all three i have never been stopped at what i am doing because of a sudden movement and i have never had the alien look (ie: feet and hands poking out)

    so i always was worried and felt reassured when i went to ob for heartbeat - because of the lack of movement with all three i have had to go into hospital for a trace done on the machine in the last few weeks - with ds i had to go every 2nd day as i was quite overdue, with lani only went a couple of times and with first dd only once.

    it can be scary when you don't feel much movement and i imagine so if your previous pregnancy you could feel alot more - just mention any concerns to your ob or midwife.

    good luck

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    It's quite common to have 'muffled' movements when the placenta is on the front - it's like a padding for all those kicks In a first pregnancy, movement can be felt later if the placenta is out front, so I would say it's pretty normal. Of course, you know to speak to your Ob if you are worried about movement
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    Thanks guys, for all your responses.

    I am not worried as such, I guess I am feeling a bit short-changed and disappointed though, as I loved being able to feel Olivia move all the time with her wriggles & kicks, and for me it is the real rewarding bit of pregnancy! So I guess I just wish I could feel as much this time round. Greedy!

    But I have a scan on Friday, so I'll be really interested to view the movements that I can't actually feel!

    Thanks again..........

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    My placenta is at the front too, and I didn't start to feel kicks until 19/20 weeks, and as you girls have said - the kicks are to the side, and the bottom of my belly.

    I find ante natal clinics very re assuring to see and hear that everything's as it should be! O