thread: Pregnancy & Gallstones

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    Pregnancy & Gallstones

    I am 25weeks and have just found out that i have a gallstone which is lodged in my bile duct and causing a blockage.

    My gp & obs have decided that surgery is necessary but this scares me at this stage of my pregnancy.

    Has any one else had this prob??

    Nikki 8-[

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    Nikki I'm sorry about whats happening. I don't know anyone who has ahd to have surgery while pregnant. Did they tell you about the risk, if any?

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    I'm sorry I can't offer any help as I have not experienced anything like this but I do send you {{ BIG HUGS}} and welcome you to BB. There are a lot of great ladies here to offer you some great advice & support.

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    Hi Nikki

    Not sure if this following website will be of use to you, but by reading it, it sounds like they don't recommend surgery when pregnant especially once you hit 3rd Trimester.

    There is also this website, Although this is an american site


    Love :smt049

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    nikki6 Guest

    thanks for the welcome girls.....

    apparently the risk in 3rd trimester is higher than in the 2nd but wot do i do??
    i am nearly at the 3rd tri.... but with the blocked bile duct it can cause other trouble with my pancreas etc.

    had my lil bub been sitting in the middle and not to the right like he is i might have been ok.. cos he kicks right up on the right side and they think that may have aggrivated it...
    iam hoping that he can kick it back to wher it was.. [-o<