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Thread: Pregnancy gingivitis

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    allyfield Guest

    Default Pregnancy gingivitis


    Just wondering if anyone else is suffering from Pregnancy gingivitis?

    One of my front tooths is a crown and I have it pretty bad around this tooth.
    I went to the dentist today and he cleaned my teeth and put some iodine around the gum which is infected. I have to go back in a week to get the gum cut away?

    Has anyone else had it this bad that they needed to have their gum cut away?

    I am freaking out about it but its not a nice sight having a swollen gum.

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    Lorin Guest


    No i have not had this done, but i wish you luck and hope you feel better soon

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    I have a slightly swollen gum in the front during pregnancy always goes down again afterwards. I can never be bothered going to the dentist.. bad I know. I worry if I do I will be walking out a thousand or so poorer cause they will find all this stuff that needs doing rofl


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    I have the bleeding gums thing, and they can be swollen sometimes, but not that bad. Your dentist is obviously doing the right thing for you. GL I hope that you feel better =soon

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    Anatu Guest


    allyfield. I had this done on monday as well as some root planing. the gum being cut away didnt hurt at all. was numbed up pretty well with safe numbing stuff (brain is mush cant think of the word) and she snipped it away with scissors but was going to use a laser.

    said that some womens hormones go silly on their mouth and the gums change shape. she suggested having it re looked at after bubs is born.

    just have to use a mouth wash (they suggested salvital) alot afterwards to avoid infection

    good luck with it.

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