thread: Pregnancy rash??

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    Melinda Guest

    Pregnancy rash??


    I have broken out in some weird kind of rash....ON MY FACE!!! Aaarrghh!!

    Basically, I woke up in the wee hours of Tuesday morning with the right side of my face incredibly itchy. It was actually interrupting my sleep. When I eventually got up yesterday morning, I noticed I had a reddish kind of patch on my face (not really noticeable...more looks like I'm flushed on one cheek), however from my ear, across my cheek and down to my jawline and top of my neck is itchy, tingly and hot. I was starting to get a bit freaked and went to the Doc who couldn't identify a cause and sent me packing with Derm-Aid. That did NOTHING. Anyway, today I wake up and I'm starting to itch on the left side of my face as well. So I go back to the Doctor today (saw a different one) who said that it is most likely a pregnancy rash and unfortunately there isn't much that can be done to treat it. She gave me some stronger cream to put on it and told me to use cold compresses, but unfortunately it's most likely something I'm just stuck with and that I should tell the OB when I see him on Friday as he will have more experience with this kind of thing and may be able to suggest some other form of treatment.

    OMG you have NOOOOO idea how annoying this is!! I can't have ANYTHING touching my face...not even my hair, as it just makes it worse, and even curled up in bed, if the bedsheets get on my face, the same deal.

    Has anyone else had a similar experience, or god forbid is having one now? LOL

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

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    Tootie - I had a huge horrible rash on my chest for a month. And it spread to my neck & back for part of it. My Dr said she thought it was probably hormones, and because it was itchy to use calamine lotion & pintarsol? That they were safe to use in PG, but I would be cautious with putting it on my face! It did ease the itching, and cold compresses worked as well and made it all less red, but it was unfortunately a time thing too.... it was in 2nd trimester that it happened with me as well!!

    Good Luck!


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    Marcia Guest

    Hi Tootie,

    I had what sounds like the same thing but it happened to me in first trimester before i had told anyone I was pregnant and appeared the morning of my sisters wedding in which I was matron of honour. Very bad timing. I spent most of the morning with an icepack on my face which did calm it down temporarily before the poor makeup lady had to try and hide it with makeup. It lasted a few days with me before it went. I used a low strength cortisone cream on it to stop the inflammation and itching a bit but I probably shouldn't have as I only have the cream prescribed to use on my hands. I don't think it really helped that much anyway so I probably wouldn't recommend that in hindsight. I guess the icepack was the main thing that was temporary relief. Hmm just read this and it isn't really much help at all LOL. But I can sympathise!


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    Melinda Guest

    I'm just relieved to know that I'm not the only one who has suffered with this!!!

    The Doctor prescribed me a cortisone cream (1%) which is safe during PG. It's really not helping much. I hope it goes away relatively quickly because it's pretty uncomfortable. My skin doesn't look bad or noticeably different IYKWIM...but it feels a bit rough and lumpy there and just a bit red.....for that I'm thankful because I know it could look a whole lot worse. I'm actually worried now that I'll tell the OB tomorrow and he'll look at my face and go "where?" LOL (it feels a lot worse than it looks as I said!).

    Thanks for your input guys!

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    spiddles Guest

    same tootsie and I am getting married in 1 day!!! Has been on my forhead, back and shoulders. They kept saying its viral or nerves. Had it for over a week and cream not helping....Least I know I aint the only one

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    Jun 2003

    GOODLUCK spiddles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Melinda Guest

    Oh no Spiddles!!! As you say, I'm glad I'm not the only one in this situation!!!

    Good luck for tomorrow - how exciting!!! I hope that you don't spend the day scratching your mush! LOL I've been spending most days just scratching so I'm hoping the OB can give me something else to try putting on it today!!!

    Again, good luck for tomorrow!! Yee haa!!!!

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    spiddles Guest

    Thanks Guys!! Had the most beautiful day!!! I think my belly has decidedf to give in now and am starting to show more *lol* Guess I am less stressed about tryihng to fit into size 10 wedding dress. Ended up telling our parents today, didnt want to say anything until after wedding. I think all went well and everyone is excited!!

    See yas all when I get the time most of you read this I will probably be on honeymoon relaxing in Noosa.