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thread: Pregnancy Symptoms in the Second Trimester

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    BellyBelly Member

    Oct 2006

    Nosebleeds & stuffy nose
    Walking more slowly
    Vivid dreams
    Feeling bub move

    And the main one that has been bothering me the last couple of days is a sharp, heavy pain in my right side - hurts to walk, sit down, stand up, lay down, just can't get into a comfy position at all. Had a similar thing at around 12ish weeks. But seems worse this time. Ob said it was just growing pains...

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    lbailey Guest

    I'm 23 weeks and today have started to get pain that lasts about an hour around one side of my belly from front to back - is this Braxton Hicks?It is enough to make me stop walking and lie down....but not enough to call the hospital. It's my first pregnancy.

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    Dec 2007

    Here is my list.

    morning sickness - which has almost completely gone.
    hair growth on belly
    swollen ankles
    iron deficiency
    calf cramps
    walking more slowly
    swollen gums
    light headed
    memory loss and general pregnancy brain
    stuffy nose - had no idea this was a pregnancy symptom.
    heavy breasts -sweaty underneath too..
    oily skin
    belly button discomfort
    lower back pain

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    Sep 2007
    South Gippsland

    Here is my list:

    breathlessness when moving
    sharp abdonimal pains
    heart palpitations
    hot sweats
    stuff nose
    trouble sleeping
    vivid dreams
    lower back pain (sciatic nerve?)
    achiness all over
    light headiness
    increased and decreased hunger
    muscle soreness
    oh did I happen to mention HEARTBURN

    on the plus side I have felt a couple of good thumps that are most definately bub moving about yay I have waited so long to be sure that what I have been feeling is bub Even though there is so much *cough* joy in being pregnant, I wouldn't trade in any of these symptoms to be not pregnant

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    BellyBelly Member

    Dec 2007

    Swollen hands
    Morning Sickness(sometimes)
    Heavy breasts
    Can't stand the smell of garlic( Vomit)
    Back Pain
    Tail Bone Pain
    Stuffy Nose
    Nose Bleeds
    Chest Pains

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jun 2007
    Gold Coast, QLD

    Can we add Gastrointeritis to the list.

    I have had a bout of it for 4 days now.... so not nice! Hard enough to deal with when you ARENT pregnant! Going to the loo every 15 minutes certainly aint fun.
    I hope it goes away soon, am sooooo over it!

    I have also had weird things happen with my skin. I have heaps of purplish patches on my left leg, like bruises but i can press them and they dont hurt. Theres four on my left leg. My right leg also has a weird patch that even my OB couldnt explain. Looks like burst blood vessels under the skin but it is shaped in a perfect circle. He has given me a low-dose steriod cream to use so I shall see if it clears up.

    The major things I am experiencing now are:
    Calf Cramps - big time!!! they are that bad that they wake me up suddenly!

    Sensitive skin - cant use soap - I brought 'Simple' and even that is drying my hands out and creating a weird patchy red rash

    Uncomfortable Pain under ribs after eating - I am guessing you could put that down to heartburn or indigestion

    Heaps more emotional - I have had a stressful few weeks (general life stuff) so that might be most of the reason

    Tolerance - omg wayyyy less especially at work as I have to deal with people. Little things 'set me off' now, its terrible!

    Sinus - runny nose in the morning when I wake up and sneezing heaps too!

    Bleeding Gums - yep definitely that every time I brush
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    BellyBelly Member

    Nov 2007

    Ok, now I have some idea what I think this is but wanted to get a consenses from you lovely ladies, as of Saturday I have developed a really sore and achey lower abdomen and the top part of my Vagina (sorry if TMI)
    I am thinking that it is varicose veins....but hoping that it is something temporary and less painful after a rest!!!!!
    don't see the midwife until the 1st of August, do you think I should call in and ask about it or just hold out till the appointment?
    It does get worse towards the end of the day, after I have been getting up and down alot (I am a child carer)
    any ideas gals?

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    BellyBelly Member

    Oct 2007
    Mudgee, NSW

    HI all.

    I am just over 19 weeks and today my nipples started to get this burning sensation it wasnt hot but enough to annoy. I have also noticed increase of sweat!! Every Tshirt I wear has sweat marks on it in 15 minutes

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jun 2008

    Here's my list:

    Hair Growth - specially on the belly, but strangely less on my legs.
    Vivid Dreams
    Lower back pain
    Calf Cramps
    Incredibly Emotional
    Not walking as fast
    Puffed while walking up stairs
    Waking at weird times
    Feeling baby move - I think so
    Increased Hunger -Yes! I am so hungry!
    Crusty Nipples
    Fast Heartbeat
    Stuffy Nose and constant sneezing
    Sharp Pain in lower abdomen when sneezing
    Trouble Sleeping
    Belly Button Discomfort
    Really dry skin

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    Jazzed Guest

    everything on the list except hives, leaky nipples, sciatica and the leg cramps i get the odd pains but im expecting cramps around the 30wk mark thats when i usually allways get them.

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    Registered User

    Oct 2008
    Gold Coast

    Lately I'm starting to feel if though going to the toilet is a massive luxury! I have been consipated since the day I fell pregnant...

    And I also feel as though I am pre-prepared for 2 hour wakes in the night when baby comes, as I wake up at least 6 or 7 times a night now.

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    prego3 Guest


    terrible migraines - any suggestions GREATLY appreciated
    cravings for icecream
    starting to not sleep well at night
    bloating- polite way of saying i've got wind!!
    that's about it though, seems to get better with each one!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jan 2008

    I've only just reached 14 weeks,but here's my symptoms so far.

    Heartburn ~ Just starting
    Tiredness/lethargic ~ constantly
    Broken sleep
    Increased appetite
    Heavy & sore boobies
    Some constipation
    Sneezing ~ heaps now
    Moodiness ~ occasional
    Headaches ~ get migraines too
    Walking much slower these days
    Lower belly cramps/aches going into my pelvis
    Cramps in my right hip ~ stupid relaxin hormone
    Lower back pains ~ made worse by an existing injury
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    Registered User

    Mar 2009

    I am currently 20 weeks pregnant.

    Symptoms are:

    Nausea (if let stomach get empty) - M/Sickness stopped approx wk 15.
    Shocking memory (forgetfullness)
    Belly bump
    Larger breasts
    Back/Neck pain (temple/forehead headaches)
    Bladder doesnt hold as much
    Mood swings
    Increased thirst (for water)
    Indigestion (if eat too much at dinner time)
    Low Libido
    Baby moving

    Oh the joys.. ha ha

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    Sep 2008
    South West Sydney, NSW

    I have only just entered the second trimester and I cannot believe some of the dreams I am having... sometimes I don't remember them until days later when I see a friend that was in the dream or something like that and it all comes flowing back to me.

    I have also noticed that I am already being a right cow to DP... I am trying not to but it seems that no matter what he does he is getting on my nerves... lol hopefully he hangs around for the rest of the pg!

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    Jun 2007
    Western Australia

    Morning Sickness - Actually, more nausea than anything really
    Hair Growth - specially on the belly and a fine layer over my chest (which DH likes grabbing... his excuse? You can do it to me all the time!)
    Vivid Dreams
    Stabbing pains across belly
    Lower back pain
    Calf Cramps
    Itchy Skin
    Incredibly Emotional
    Not walking as fast
    Puffed while walking up stairs (and down!)
    Waking at weird times
    Increased Hunger
    Gums sore and swollen
    Crusty Nipples
    Sore Hips
    Light Headed
    Fast Heartbeat
    Memory Loss
    Stuffy Nose
    Sharp Pain in lower abdomen when sneezing - this has been going since the 1st trimester and still going now
    Bad Headaches - all the damn time!
    Trouble Sleeping
    Heightened sense of smell
    Sciatic nerve pain
    Sweat alot under boobs

    And I've only been in the 2nd trimester for 2/3 weeks! Most of that stuff just carried over from the 1st trimester

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jan 2008
    New Zealand


    Well where do I start...

    Heartburn ~ Driving me nuts just have to smell food and it starts!
    Sharp pains across my tummy behing my belly button (don't know if it's related to having a belly bar or not, will have to take it out soon I guess)
    Bone wearyness
    Very bad kidney pains possible UTI says Dr
    Broken sleep - waking at 2am EVERY morning and not getting back to sleep till about 5.
    Complete brain fog
    Highly Emotional
    Incredibly heavy sore boobs
    Wickedly sore tail bone
    Picky appetite
    Some constipation, sometimes the opposite
    Terrible Ear trouble with pressure and blocking absolutely horrible my own voice pounds in my head -having accupunture to try and ease it.
    My sense of smell is super human.
    I feel puffed very quickly.
    My dreams are very disturbing I keep dreaming about loosing teeth (what does that mean?)
    If I stand too long (more than 5 minutes) I feel faint.
    Hurts to roll over in bed, sneeze, bend over etc
    Moodiness, and fustration at times with my DH and kids.
    Whezzy chest at times when laying down,
    Doing the preggy walk
    Heart palpatations
    Lower belly cramps/aches going into my pelvis
    Twitchy legs at night.....

    I could go on and on but one of the big positives is that my wee one moves hugely and I can watch him moving from the outside now as well as feel him. He can get quite rough with me at times LOL.
    So after all my moans it really is worth it.
    Its really lovely coming on here and knowing I'm not all alone going through all these fun- NOT symptoms.
    Take care,

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    Apr 2009

    2nd trimester joy

    Hi Girls

    It's so comforting to see other women going through the same things as me.
    I've been feeling a lot of these symptoms, the most annoying are the pains under the ribs. Sometimes it feels like you're having a heart-attack. Coupled with the increased heart heart rate, you could be excused for thinking you were.
    I don't know about other ladies, but I'm feeling alot more pressure on the bladder this trimester and lots of odd lower abdo pangs.
    The joys of being pregnant!!!

    Stay well

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