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Thread: Pregnancy weight gain

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    Cristina23 Guest

    Default Pregnancy weight gain

    Ok guys... about the pregnancy weight gain...
    Im 26 weeks pregnant and i've already gained like 30 lbs!!!!! i know thats more than average and some people gain a little and some people gain alot... but i still have 3 more months to go so i hope i dont gain that much more!!! when i first got pregnant i couldnt eat anything! and i couldnt even stand the smell of food! i even tried eating crackers or toast but most of the time i couldnt. But then after all my m/s was gone... i ate and ate and ATE!! LOL. so i know thats how i gained weight so fast. but now i eat regularly and i still feel like im gainging alot!.. not as much as in the begining but still!!
    What about all of you? anybody gain alot like me LOL??

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    Jed Guest


    Hi Cristina

    Weight gain during pregnancy was something i was concerned about when i first got pregnant. I had a couple of days of m/s but still managed to eat. I wished i weighed myself at the beginning so i could watch my weight but i think the last time closest to finding out i was pg i weight 66kgs. During my first trimester i just ate what i normally did but in the last month i've been getting full more quickly so not eating as much but then feeling hungry soon after.
    I have heared your appitite increases about half way through the 2nd trimester.
    I think as long as your eating healthy foods and snaking on e.g fruit, not junk it will affect how quickly you lose the access weight after baby comes.

    Keep up the healthy eating Christina.


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    i have heard that it tends to vary on your pre pg weight - if you are smaller then you may tend to gain more weight than bigger ladies... i have heard of some girls weighing less after the birth than when they starting... keep up the healthy eating as much as you can and exercise lightly....good luck

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    Yeah what AJ Said

    Although I must say 30lbs(13.5kgs) to me really is not that much since when I was pregnant I put on 30kgs, which equates to 66lbs LOL.

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    jaggard Guest


    I was about 13 kg when I was pg with DD at 6 months. I didn't put on much more until about 32 weeks then all of a sudden my tummy went out and I put on another 5kg.

    With DS I only put on 10kg the whole pregnancy which was nice.

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    I only put on 11kilos with my last pregnancy.

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