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Thread: Pregnant and getting thrush after antibiotics

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    Default Pregnant and getting thrush after antibiotics

    I just finished the antibiotics I had for the tooth infection (yay its all gone and detist appointment soon!), and now it seems I am getting thrush. Not uncommon for me at all because I always get thrush after antibiotics.

    Well, I'm pretty sure its thrush, thats what i wanted to come on and ask. Shel said I should go to the dr and make sure it is thrush. But usually I would just go to the pharmacist and get over the counter medication.

    Do you think I should go to the dr... or even my midwife? Dunno if its something I need to be seen for IYKWIM, if being pregnant makes it different or if I should get prescription medication ...? Is the thrush treatment the same for pregnancy and non-pregnancy?

    Just wondering whether I'd be wasting my time going to the dr just for them to say "go to the pharmacy" or if the pharmcist is going to tell me to go to the dr...? Thought I'd save possible hassle by asking on here

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    I can't remember if you can take canesten or not in pg now. What you can do it get some In-Liven (probiotic) and take that. It is perfectly safe in pg and some members swear by it for thrush.

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    Hey Leasha,

    Yep i swear by in-liven too - the ONLY thing that has ever truly helped. It really is awesome stuff, even DF admits to it - so its gotta be good!

    and while you are waiting for your order to arrive - i know this sounds grose,and way too much TMI, but its an old remedy that works - get some plain yoghurt (eg greek style) and spread it all over the affected area - if you can lay down and watch a movie or something and relax and "spread your legs" and let some air through (soz, i DID say TMI) it will really, really help.

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    Fast Tract would be better for thrush specifically as its heaps more potent than In-Liven, but In-Liven has a huge nutritional benefit... so one of those. Fast Tract is a liquid.

    You can get either from: - they are both organic and SOOO good for you, safe in preg, breastfeeding etc.
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