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    tams Guest

    Default pretty low bp

    hi all, at my reg check up the other day i wanted my bp taken because i have been getting really dizzy lately, it was 97/63 this is very low for me, but the doc said it was ok, i was just wondering at what point do dizzy turns and low bp become too low? and what are the medical implications if it stays low, if any?
    ok well i would appreciate any comments on this cos im kind of worried that i could be damaging bubby, or doesnt it matter?
    thanks all x

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    I have had low BP throughout both pregnancies. To be honest the first trimester was heaps worse for me and I was around 95/60 as a normal reading. I would faint and the biggest worry was that I would fall down. I was told to drink up to 3 litres of clear fluids a day to try & increase my BP and help keep it higher. I was told that it really doesn't effect the baby unless it was worse, so I guess being where you are is considered okay during PG (not entirely sure what the "okay" range is LOL).

    The main medical implications it had on me was during labour. When they gave me an epidural it lowered my blood pressure considerably and it was around 75/50 where they had to pump up my fluids & turn off the epidural which mean I started to have contractions while not being able to move due to the epidural & it was awful. This time I will not even consider an epidural because of the blood pressure complications.

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    tams Guest


    i went back to the doc again and it was even lower, 90/56.
    i did ask the doctor but he just keeps telling me it should rise back up again eventually. thats why i was kind of asking because he seems so unconcerned but its really bothering me.
    thanks anyway

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    goldilocks Guest


    Tams, low BP may not necessarily affect you baby but what happens if you pass out! There is a very real possibility that that will happen if your BP is so low all the time.

    That is the biggest concern with low BP. Having passed out myself a few times in the past, I'm very wary of it during pg as your BP tends to be lower than usual.

    Don't stand up too quickly after you've been sitting or lying down...I find that that's when I'm worse. Also, standing in the one spot for any length of time make me dizzy, so keeping active is a good thing.

    As the other ladies said, keep your fluids up. I've heard that a coffee can help to increase BP but we're not meant to have much during pg, so I guess that doesn't help you much! LOL

    Maybe go and speak to another doctor...?


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    There's not much that they can do about low blood pressure apart from pump you with fluids. I've had to have this done when mine dropped to 60/40. They seemed happy to let me go when it got back up to 90/60 so I guess it must be a safe bp.

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    Through my pregnancy my BP has always been about 100/60, except one at 13 weeks was low at 90/53ish.. I asked a mid wife later on why that one may have been so low and she said it is very common to have low BP around the first trimester.

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    cazoraz Guest


    I have low BP normally and it goes even lower during pregnancy too. There are no medications or anything you can take, and it doesnt hurt your baby but it can hurt you if you faint!

    One thing that my dr and my gym instructor both said was I could increase my salt intake (a slong as your cholestoral is up to it ). I did this by adding salt to cooking which I didnt normally do, not a lot but enough that it made a difference. I also made sure my heart rate didnt go above 140BP when exercising or I would get dizzy and faint. And if I was feelign dizzy I would sit down and put my legs above waist height (ie. on another chair propped up) and have some sweet orange juice, that usually worked.

    Hoep you feel better

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