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    DoubleK Guest

    Default putting on weight

    hi everyone.. just wondering, im almost 23 weeks, and i've only put on 3 kilo's since the start of my pregnancy...

    should i have put on a lot more by now? or does it just depend on the person, i'm 5'9 and 63kg.

    i just pictured myself putting on a lot moere weight by now!


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    I think it all depends on the person. As long as you are eating well I am sure you are fine. From what I have heard the baby will take what it needs so you don't have to worry about that.

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    hi rachy, maybe one of these threads might be of interest to you [url=]here[/url] or [url=]here[/url]. There is no 'correct' weight gain during pregnancy we're all individual and gain differant amounts. If you're concerned you could discuss it with your care giver but I'm sure you're fine and many would envy you gaining so little.

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    mizzsocial Guest


    You'll proberly find you will put on weight more towards your 3rd trimester..

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    Bec Guest


    Yes I have noticed this.

    I am 5'4 and I used to weigh 50k now I am 24 weeks and I weigh 57.8k.


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    Hey Bec

    I was 54kg pre pregnancy and now I'm almost 22 weeks and I'm 61kg. I've been 61 kg for awhile now as well! I expected to put alot more on as well!

    Edited to say I'm about 5"7!

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    Hi there,

    I am actually the opposite - I seem to be loosing weight - I eat extremely healthy now and i think that is the main factor - I am 26 weeks pregnant and I amd still 4 kilo's below my starting weight.
    But my baby is growing


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