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    Monac Guest

    Unhappy RE: Breech position

    I am 22 weeks and 1 day pg and my baby is in breech position. As this is my first bub i am not sure whether this is a bad thing and will the baby change position nearer the time for a normal birth.

    Can someone please help!!!

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    Hi Monac, Welcome to BB.

    You`ll find at 22 weeks your baby still has lots of room to move around and will often change position, I wouldn`t worry too much as they can turn quite late in pregnancy, have you looked at the optimal fetal positions which help your baby get into the right position for birth.

    I`m 28.5 weeks along and my baby is in a horizontal position with head up, I can tell he still has plenty of room to move even though it doesn`t feel like it to me.

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    You're only just over halfway, and there's a good chance your baby will turn to cephalic position sometime before birth.
    My mum was telling me just the other day that I was breech, and was going to be delivered by c-sec but I turned by myself close to the time.

    From what I can tell, breech babies are delivered by c-sec or vaginally based on heaps of different factors, like whether or not the baby is in distress, how big it is, exactly what position it's in, and yeah, other factors too.
    I think breech birth is slightly more risky, which is why ob's like c-secs, because they can intervene more safely or whatever?
    So yeah, talk to your ob and see what they ususally do in these cases, there are exercises and options to try and turn your baby if it doesn't turn on it's own, or you might be good for a vaginal delivery. But it might turn on it's own!

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    I have friends whose bubs have turned at 38 weeks so there is still time

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    Hi Monca

    It is very common for your baby to be breech at this stage. You may find that your baby changes position often. There is plenty of time for him/her to turn head down

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    As the others have said, plenty of time yet - as a baby I was in breech position until the day before I was born, 9 days overdue.

    Research Optimal Fetal Positioning which is great for helping baby get into the best position for birth by googling it. If baby remains breech there are some great books:

    * The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth by Henci Goer
    * Breech Birth: Woman Wise by Maggie Banks

    If baby is frank breech, it's the best position for a vaginal breech birth and there is even a paper on the RANZCOG website about how it can even be a better option. I'll see if I can dig it up.

    "There may be a subgroup that does extremely well with breech vaginal delivery"
    (can't you tell they were gritting their teeth with that one!)

    It's a pdf file which you can download [url=]here[/url] - of course it isn't all going to be as ideal as we would like, but it's a start from them anyway. They will have a review next year which will be interesting to check up on.
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    Monac Guest


    Thanks a lot guys for your advise. It's just you know how it is you worry about every thing since you become pg!!!!

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