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Thread: really cold tummy

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    Default really cold tummy

    ok i dont know what the go with this is but my tummy is cold feels like bub has it's own air con goin in there lol has anyone else got this ??? going for scan in 15 mins hope to find out what we are having but i'm not telling anyone well maybe only all you but that's it i want to know but michael doesnt well best be off

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    Hope your scan went well and bubs co-operated

    As for the cold tummy, it's totally normal. We had a thread on it aaaages ago and there were quite a few girls who experienced the same thing. I remember one of my many PG books mentioning it and I think the reason was something to do with the blood being mainly directed elsewhere during PG so your tummy & thighs can feel colder. Or something like that anyway LOL.

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    Do you think you can keep it a secret from him (the sex)? Thats what I want to do when I'm pregnant because I want to know but ky doesn't want to know ...but I think i'd give it away by bringing home all these pink or blue things lol

    Hope you're scan went well...and it looks like Angel answered you aircon belly question lol bless!

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