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    mizzsocial Guest

    Default Really Need lucency

    ladies, im seriously in tears right now..

    I had that scan done at 12 weeks, and i havent been back to the doctors for the results yet.. but coz im only 21 i thought id be ok.. now something on the telly was on about increase of birth defects etc, and how if the thickness of the measurment they take is greater than 3mm that your chances of your baby having a adnormality is greater..(sorry i cannot spell)..

    Well, i looked on my U/S that i had done, and it said the measurment was 0.11cm...

    What does this mean?? Oh god, im so stressed .. im really upset.. oh god.

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    Sal Guest


    Hi there, that measurement is 1.1mm, not 11mm. Which is a good measurement. Plus, if your measurement was worrying then the docs would be chasing YOU up way before this. Take a deep breath. I'm sure you have nothing to worry about.

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    Oh hon, please don't stress, what Sal said is right, that measurement is 1.1mm, which is good news. And they definitely would have told you at the time if there was anything to worry about.

    Hugs to you!

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    mizzsocial Guest


    OMG are you girls serious?? 1.1MM??

    OH My God! You girls serioulsy dont know how much you have just saved me from having a heartattack!!!!!!!!!

    OMG .. i feel so dumb now..

    Thanks sooooooooo much for the quick replies! You are brillant! serioulsy! wow!

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    Sal Guest


    Hey, don't feel dumb! In my preg state, it took a good minute to figure out that 0.11cm is 1.1mm!! And I've studied lots of science and maths!

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