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Thread: A reason for the headaches?

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    Default A reason for the headaches?

    I was reading the info from my bounty bag and I came accross this...
    Headaches can be common in the second trimester due to increased blood volume and vascular output
    A reason for it I guess, not that it makes it any better. I've also noticed that when I get a headache that I can actually hear my pulse. Almost as if my veins in my head are straining.

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    Fraser Guest


    I know what you're saying - when I get one, if I sit still for a bit I can feel my head pulsate.

    Well that makes sense then - thanks for that. wont make the little beggars go away though!

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    Thanks for the info Sammi, I did speak with my OB about it and she did tell me that they can often get worse in the second tri but didn't say why so that makes sense.

    I reckon I can feel my head pulsating as well so I don't think it's our imagination it must be alot of pressure in there!

    I'm with Frasier, it knowing what it is doesn't make 'em go away!!!!!!


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    Ooh I remember those headaches now. For me they were similar to the ones I used to get leading up to AF.

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