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Thread: The return of the hairy tummy!

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    Gotta love the "fuzzy wuzzy happy trail" I was so shocked, when pg with DS my belly got it's own fur coat LOL and DF made fun of me, said I was hairier(sp?) than him
    Personally can't stand dreadies normally so to me belly dreadies would just look icky hehe

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    Melinda Guest


    PMSL @ combs, perms, waxes and belly dreadies!!! heheheeee!!!

    When we find out whether we're having a girl or a boy, I might have to buy a nice pink or blue ribbon to tie up my belly 'do' with LOL!!!

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    Talking Hilarious!


    I noticed the extra hair earlier on in my PG. I have got it all over my belly and my thighs and other 'bit's have decided to grow some extra hair as well!!! I have been so paranoid about it!!! In fact just last week I used a mousse on my belly to get rid of all the hair!! I waxed the rest but my belly is a little sensitive at the this stage!!

    DP thought it was hilarious as well... men!

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    Tigergirl1980 Guest


    Ooooooh good idea Mel, in the mean time you could use green or yellow

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    skyelar Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by Tanya
    You know what they say about extra hair growth!! OWT says you are having a boy!

    Hadn't heard that tummy is hairy this time round but wasn't with my DD!

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    Melinda Guest


    Lea - IKWYM about the other bits too!!! Eeek!!!

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    spreckemily Guest

    Red face Hairy Belly means having a boy??

    Well it may be true?? With my DD I didn't get the hairy belly, but with my DS on the way I have a lovely thick "snail trail" as my DH so eloquently calls it!!

    It really grosses me out!! I am the type of girl who has to remove hair every day unless I'm really sick. I hate having hairy legsetc... Even in winter!!

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    LMAO.... now who can do french plaits?

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    Melinda Guest


    ah ha hehehe!!! This is a real crack up!!! I think we'd make a few bucks for the Leukaemia Foundation judging by this thread!

    LOL Spreckemily - I often find myself having a bit of a winter coat on the legs! Eeek!

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    My tummy got so bad with Ben, i waxed too... So embarrasing, especially because everyone asks to see your belly and touch it... No way was that happening with me!
    Mind you, my leg hairs grew slower.. So I was lovin that!

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