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Thread: Severe back pains

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    Default Severe back pains

    The last two mornings I have had severe back pains on and off for about 1.5 hours after waking up (I am almost 18 weeks pg with twins). Is this normal???? They were so severe it took my breath away and I have a very high pain threshold. Just wondering if anyone else has had any similar? It is really down in my lower back. I have a dull aching pain now but nothing like this morning. Any advice would be great :-)

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    Hi JoJo

    Back pain is common in pregnancy but it would be worth ringing your OB/midwife and just checking it out with them as it sounds painful.

    Hope you get some relief.

    Lv Spring

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    could be because you are carrying twins that you are experiencing everything in double? Definately ring your OBS/midwife as Spring has said.

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