thread: Sex determination?

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    Susie Guest

    Sex determination?

    Yes, I am determined to have some, but that is not what I meant.

    Throughout our pregnancy my husband and I have both been absolutely certain that we are having a boy ( a long story behind it), BUT I had my 19 week scan a few weeks ago (21 weeks now) and was told that the three lines (not really visible to me, but the sonographer was pretty sure of their existence) makes it a girl. We are both thrilled by the news as we really had no preference, but how many people have been told the sex of their baby at their scan and actually had the opposite on the big day?

    Also, if it's three lines for a girl, what is it for a boy? My husband and I were sure that we saw something between the thighs.


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    REcently Kelli a member of Belly Belly was told she was having a girl on her scan and it was a boy... so...

    The midwives told me that the scans were around 60-90% accurate depending on heaps of variables....

    I hope that helps!


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    My Aunt was told she was having a boy. They were estatic after already having 4 girls when the big day rolled around Louise was born.

    I was told a girls nether regions look similar to a hamburger. A boy (and I can confirm that after two of them) looks like a turtle.

    Love :smt049

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    Jen Schuster Guest

    [email protected] Kathryn

    I guess they can never be 100% certain!!!!

    I am just hapy that we are now 100% prepared for either

    Love Jen

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    Its the hamburger (what the vagina looks like as Kathryn said, 3 lines) vs. the hotdog LOLOL!

    Most technicians have infrared machines now so they can see where the blood is pumping too and from so they don't get the penis/cord confusion or anything else confused for that matter LOL! But having said all this KelliD got a pleasent suprise just recently. So who knows! I NEED to know the sex, thats just me though. But we had 2 ultrasounds to make sure LOLOL! I wasn't putting anything down to chance.