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    I'm doing shared care with my GP and local hospital. I went for my 20 week appointment with my GP and all he did was take my blood pressure and measure the height of the fundus. I was expecting him to at least use a doppler to hear the babys heartbeat.
    Is anyone else doing shared care? When do they start using the doppler and checking the postion of the baby? I'm wondering if I've made the right decision.
    Cindy. :-k

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    I think it might be an individual thing and depend on your GP as to what they do. Maybe discuss it with your GP next time. I did shared care between my GP, OB, & midwife due to being high risk. My GP only used the doppler and checked Kynan's position once at 31.5 weeks. I don't think positioning would really be an issue until much later in your PG. I started seeing the midwife at nearly 30w and she did a BP check, fundal height measurement, position check, and doppler each time. My OB only ever did the ultrasounds to check on bub.

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    im doing shared care aswell. from about 12weeks or so my GP has been using a doppler every time i have an appointment, so im guessing it might be your doctors choice however next time u go see him just ask if he can use a doppler.

    im 23weeks and my gp hasnt started checking the position yet, its way to early.

    hope i have been a little bit helpful, anyway good luck

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    I was doing shared care until about 15 weeks or so. I wasn't impressed cos I spent most of the appointments with a midwife and the GP came in for about 2 seconds - she was really nice, but I made up my mind then to go straight to the midwives through the birth centre, seeing as the GP couldn't tell me general things I didnt' already know!
    I'm really happy with the midwives now and they are delighted that I have read as much as I have and how much I'm looking forward to the birth

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    I had shared cared with Jenna and it was brilliant in every way - excpet that it wasn't helping with my anxiety about the birth. I felt I really wanted to spend the last few weeks with the midwives that would deliver Jenna so I changed to the FBU at the hospital.
    Not all surgeries have dopplers, so your GP may not have one. I had the doppler at every appt past 12 weeks, and it was lovely. My GP is a champ, and even now I feel liek she had a special part of my pregnancy.

    I would ask your GP prior to the next appt - maybe ring and request it? They may have to get it from the nurses room, and so if they are prepared it will be easier.

    Only problem - GP never had warmed gel ....BRRRR!!!

    She also checked my "mental" state and fundal height each visit, and my blood pressure.


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