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    Oct 2006

    Unhappy sore

    hey everyone,
    i dont think this is supposed to happen till later in pregnancy but im getting really sore hips as well as kinda dull period pain like feelings down quite low.. this is my second bub so i know the hormones etc make ur hips losen but i never had it with dd so its quite new to me..
    this bub sits quite low which i think is why i feel the period type pains coz he feels heavier sitting so low all the time.. as well as that he sits usually to the left side like with his head against my hip it feels like which by the end of the day has me limping round like a cripple coz of the pain!
    is there anything they could do for me if i went and saw someone or do i just have to ride it out?

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    Oct 2008

    Poor thing. I'd see a physio, chiro, massuese or something like that. The pain would be very frustrating and not something you just have to put up with. Are you doing any exercise like yoga or aqua-areobics? That might help as well... HTH

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    Aug 2006
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    Noni you should know from listening to me moan on in our belly buddies thread for months that going to see a physio, osteo or chiro is the best possible thing you can do for yourself. They might give you a support thing to wear, which feels weird but makes a huge difference...they will also teach you about what sort of movements/activities to avoid so that you can preserve maximum feeling-goodness for as long as possible thru the pg.

    ETA - all my physio was free because I asked my GP for a referral to the hospital physio at the hospital I had Missy E at. So finances shouldn't be an issue.

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    Jul 2008

    i can definitely second the recommendation to go and see an osteo, physio or chiro. i was getting some back pain & having trouble getting going if i'd been sitting for a while...which sounds a bit different to what you've been experiencing but i went to see an osteo on friday & since then i haven't had the same problem & have felt much more comfortable. maybe something like that could help?

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    Nov 2006

    Your not alone. My pelvis feels like it's going to fall apart when i've been sitting for a while. Since i sit all day at work i have been swapping chairs around etc to find what works best for me to reduce backache and pelvis pain.

    Keep meaning to book a massage but it's one of those thing i never seem to get around to.

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    Oct 2008

    noni - I was having lots of pain in my lower back and hips and I started doing aqua arobics and feel great now. I still might go see someone as well just to keep on top of it.

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    Jan 2008

    i hear ya girl!! my right hip pain is so bad i can't lie down, i have to sleep sitting up!!! It is weird i am fine all day, sitting/standing/lifting is all fine, just no lie downs or nana naps doh!! getting a bit better though -personally i found that the osteo was much better than chiro or physio which did nothing for me. My osteo did a much more than the others.

    good luck