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    For the last few days I've had a stiff, sore neck first thing in the morning and occasionally in the afternoon. I'm guessing that I must have strained a muscle from the way that I'm sleeping (I'm not used to sleeping on my side all the time). Its getting annoying so I'm hoping it'll go away soon. Any ideas on ways of preventing this? I've just bought a new pillow so hopefully that will help!

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    Sounds like the position of sleep What I did was load as many pillows as you can to make yourself comfortable. I have one of those v shaped pillows and another pillow behind my back.
    My doctor said you will wake up and not be able to sleep if you are uncomfortable (very true).

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    My kneck is as sore as today too, I think my pillow is crappy and I'm also sleeping heavier so that might be making me a bit stiff as well, I hope it feels better soon, take care....

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    Yeah I wake up often with a stiff/sore neck as Im not used to sleeping on my side either

    Just try and rearrange your pillows and see what works for you. good luck!

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    Hi there
    i had a similar prob and saw my physio about it (and many other preggo ailments the medical prof is making $$$ out of me atm). i too had been sleeping up on a few pillows.
    he advised me if possible try to go for a lowish profile pillow, the aim is to try and get your spine into normal positioning whilst laying on your side during sleep (ie straight) usually if your head is raised too much it is not right. Anyway i already had a latex pillow which is quite flat (maybe 3 inches) but it has a lip on it which fits snuggly into my neck area. I think it is dentons brand. i have been sleeping on just that the neck is heaps better.
    during day if possible try stretching neck a little by looking left to right and back again and moving head from left to right and back again whilst looking stright ahead.
    i do alot of pc work and have found the stretches have helped alot.
    good luck.

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