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Thread: soreness under lower ribs.....

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    jelliebean Guest

    Default soreness under lower ribs.....

    I am only 23 weeks but since last friday i have been feeling a soreness under my ribs. At first i thought it must be the uterus pushing them out but, i thought it's too early for that yet. This is baby number three for me.

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    Sal Guest


    Ditto with me! I find I can't sit upright in a chair, it is just too uncomfortable, so I am always semi-reclining.

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    I had this too. Especially under my right rib. It was a killer! Apparently this is common for pain under your right ribs...Wonder why? :-k

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    jelliebean Guest


    yeh, my right seems to be the worst at the moment. Maybe Alan could answer this one for us.

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    With Yasin it was my left ribs that hurt. This time round its my right ribs. My theory is its because I'm short so there's not alot of space under my ribs for the little one to grow. I'm 26 weeks now and I have no idea how I have enough room in there for another 3 months growth.

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    Apparently, if the pain is on the right side just behind the ribs it may be related to your gall bladder, as that is where it is located.

    I found I got the pain mostly in the afternoon (usually straight after lunch) and only when I was sitting at my desk.

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