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    When i was preggie with my 3rd son i suffered from SPD (symphisis pubic dysfunction, please ignore the spelling!). It started around 32/33 weeks as a feeling of having been kicked in the nether regions, you know that kind of bruised feeling on the bone you get after an hour on a bike when you havent been on one for 3 years:eek:

    Well I'm now almost 18 weeks with no4 and over the last couple of weeks i've had the bruised feeling again, last night it was really sore and through the night it was bad enough to wake me up (every 30 seconds or so it felt).

    Now i'm absolutely sh****ng myself that its SPD again, as the last time by the time hellboy popped out i could barely walk and was basically a wreck both phusically and emotionally, especially as the midwives wouldn't pay any attention to the symptoms until i made a right fuss (and idiot of myself) at which point they were ready to admit me with severe depression, which i didn't have i just had an unbearable pain in the crotch which was making day to day life pretty much impossible, not really the fabric of happy days and a smiley mum to be.

    My worry this time is that within around 5 weeks of it starting last time i was living a nightmare, now this feels like its starting again but at a much earlier stage which i find very scary. Has anyone else ever had this in successive pregnancies or had it as early as this and if so how did it progress and how did you cope.

    With 3 other kids, a husband who works and no family round about i am seriously worried about how i will cope if it gets really bad


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    Hi Taz,
    I'm so sorry that u r feeling like this - it must be awful. Unfortunately i can't offer any advice (i'd actually never heard of it until i read ur post) - but i wanted to offer my support. I really hope that it isn't SPD and passes quickly! BTW i think u r doing a champion job being 18wks preg with 3 other chn at home!!!!!!!

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    There are quite a few here on BB that have or have had SPD.
    Can you afford a physio?
    I have a great physio that I can go and see only when it gets too much. I think some will get you in a little too often IYKWIM. Even if you just have a couple of visits to get an idea of how it is treated and the excercises to help improve you SPD it can be a great benefit for you.
    My SPD has bad and not so bad days. As much as it kills me I still get down on the floor or use my fitball and do my excercises. I'm sure that by keeping my muscles toned as best I can it will help keep it all together down there. I haven't needed to use a support belt and think that with only a couple of weeks left of my PG that I won't need to. When it's really bad I don't leave the house unless I have to.
    It makes life difficult but you have to look after yourself.
    My boys know that I won't pick them up. I refuse to vaccuum and have told DH that if he doesn't help I will get a cleaner. The kinder teachers don't ask me anymore to help out with kinder duty as I can't do much.

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