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Thread: stabbing pains in bb's!

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    Default stabbing pains in bb's!

    I think my lovely ladies are going through ANOTHER growth spurt, as the past couple of days they've been very mildly sore. Today though has been HELLLL! Many times throughout today, and right at this moment, it feels like someone is stabbing me with a hot poker
    I really think it is just a growth spurt, in the last week I have began spilling out my once to big bra. But man it hurts!!

    Has this happened to many others? Was there anyway you could relieve the pain, or is it just grin and bare it?

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    Hi Shan,

    I had the same, the only thing i found helped with the stabbing pain was a warm shower or pressure, try hugging a pillow really tight, and yeh it sounds like a growth spurt, was for me anyway. Hope this helps =)

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    it feels like someone is stabbing me with a hot poker
    Hun, that is exactly how women with nipple thrush often describe their pain. If it doesn't settle down in a day or two, it might be an idea to try some daktarin gel from the pharmacy. If that doesn't help you could see your doctor to make sure there is no infection. Hopefully it's just growing pains, but I thought I'd better mention just in case.

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