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Thread: Starting 2nd Trimester

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    Hi All,

    Just introducing myself. I am just over 14wks pregnant with my first child due 18-23rd Sept. I was unfortunate enough to have a miscarriage late 2007 and it took another full year to fall again due to DH sleepy which was hard but we go here in the end. Am still quite anxious about his baby and suppose will be so for a fw more weeks yet

    Had the NT scan last week and it was DH first time seeing the bub, he is more nervous now than before !!! The results are I have a healthy bub in there with no cause for concern.

    The scan dated me 5 days later than we thought although the lady said this is normal for it to fluctuate between each scan. So I am between 14-15 weeks.

    Got to tell everyone finally last week - which is a relief. My team know I love to have a drink with them every now and then so were suspicious when I wasn't drinking.

    Anyhow will jump on again over the weekend so I can get to know you all a little better

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    Congratulations!! It's such a relief to reach the second trimester - I agree! You will see on here that heaps of us have had m/c and gone on to have happy,healthy babies so I know you'll be fine. Best wishes!

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