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    Hi girls, I am 19 weeks this week and have my second u/s on the 23rd. This entire week I have been having a stitch that comes and goes, on my right side under my belly. I had this with my first pregnancy but only when I walked far or did too much. ATM these stitch like feelings come if I stand for too long in the same spot (like when you are doing the dishes) or when I stay in a position too long or get up too fast. I had c-section with my first and wonder if this has anything to do with it. Does anyone else get this pain?

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    Hi Wednesday
    Stitch like pains are very common in pregnancy and usually related to your growing uterus and the stretching of your ligaments. It is also possible although unlikely that the pain is caused by your CS scar. The symptoms that you describe would make me think that your pain is caused by your growing uterus. If it was your CS scar I would expect the pain to be constant.

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    I get the same pain but mostly when I walk distances or do extra house work ie vacume. I also get the pain when standing up after sitting for a while even sneezing I've had 2 c/s's but I'm not sure if it's scar pain I would say it's more ligament and muscle pain like Alan said. I would think your body would have to compensate for the extra weight and mass so we get the pains.

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    I get this pain aswell. I asked my doctor and he said exactly what alan said, it is most likely just your uterus streching and growing to fit bubba in.

    Good Luck with your u/s hun

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    I have been getting this pain since wk19 until now whenever I walk too much or whenever I have been standing for too long! I got worried and rang up my midwife back then to check with her. I was told exactly what Alan said too, its due to the growing uterus and the stretching of ligaments!

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    Thanks everyone for letting me know that it is just not me getting this pain and what it most likely is from. My mind is at thanks

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