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    Hi Ladies

    I am so stressed out right now.

    I had a bit of spotting last week which my OB investigated and concluded was just a sensitive cervix but I am worried that something bad has happened to the baby. With my history I am having troubles convincing myself that everything is okay.

    On top of that DH and I keep fighting. He is really stressed out at the moment because we are settling on our new and old house and have to move next week and he has to do everything. Plus, the OB has told me to take it easy so the house is a complete mess and DH won't do anything, even organise dinner, without me getting involved. Today he told me off for not doing any washing or cleaning (in a jokey way) but it still hurt my feelings. He has also been complaining that we aren't having sex but the OB told us to hold off until my next appointment.

    Normally DH is understanding and a lovely guy but lately he has been a real pain in the ass. It's not like I'm faking this, I am pregnant and stress out and exhausted, it's not like I'm being lazy!

    I just want to have moved into my new house, have had my baby and have everything okay but it feels like I am never going to get there...

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    Cheer up, Loulou, it will all work out. Just take it easy and try not to let anything get to you. Do you have friends or family that could give you a hand with the house? Mine was shocking a couple of weeks ago, then my SIL came and we got through it all in a couple of hrs. Now its been easy just to keep it up. The worse it gets, the less you feel like doing it, so rope in a relative or friend to give you a hand

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    Oh Loulou, that sounds a little like my DH was...

    I'm no psychologist, so I don't know really why he acted like that, and I'm not sure if he does either.

    However. His attitude has changed since the ultrasound, and then even more since I've started to develop a small bump.
    Perhaps even though he did believe that I was pregnant, he needed a bit of visual evidence, maybe that gave him ownership, made him part of it. Does that make sense? Like before, it was all about me, I needed a break, I was sick, I was tired, I couldn't do much. He said he couldn't help it, he knew I was pregnant, but I seemed lazy.

    Where now, perhaps being able to see me, and have the u/s pics on the fridge, and people know, that makes a difference because there is something real and tangible that he can see..

    Has he seen scans, been to OB appts with you?
    I know that doesn't fix things, and it is stressful feeling like a drama-queen liar (but you're NOT!!).
    Hope you get a chance to talk, and hope my experience might have helped
    Maybe I'll check with DH when he gets home and see if my theory sounds right!

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