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    Hi, I am 25weeks preg . & I have a lot of scarring in my stomach, pelvic area (a bowel resection several yrs ago) it is a huge scar of more then like 20cms going down wards the middle of my stomach to the pubic are. (TMI I know)
    . this is going to be hard to explain, some nights I wake up and my stomach is like really sore. (not crampy just sore) and the last couple of days,it feels really tender, I am thinking it is all the scar tissue stretching, is this possible? I know I have heaps of it, as it’s a massive scar…

    Can I rub anything on it, to soften the skin to help with the stretching, I guess I can use the normal stretch mark cream.,. does anyone else have like a stomach ache,maybe its not the scaring and just another part of stretching. I don’t believe it is anything tobe concerned about, as it is not a cramp as such.
    Other then that I feel good, and bubs is kicking heaps & I am getting the low ligament rounded pain… so I presume all is normal.. …

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    I had (I say had because pg did stretch them) small scars from surgery a few years ago and pg did stretch them a bit, so I'd say that is what is happening. Even without a scar, your skin can sometimes get like this at various stages of pg. Any good moisturiser will do.

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    I had a c/s 2 years ago and definately feel the stretching a lot more than I did with my first PG. It at times feels very tight and sore, but not all the time. I am as well rubbing heaps of moisturiser on to help with the skin but I feel it more internally atm.

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    I wake up 9 out of 10 nights with a sore belly, and by the time im up for a little while it goes. Prior to being pregnant whenever i slept on my stomach id wake up with a sore stomach and thats the same feeling im getting now. I just put it down to the way im having to sleep only on my side now and how awkward it is with my pregnancy belly and also the weight that is on my stomach. Im not too concerned. I dont have any scaring on my belly.
    Hope this helps you

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    I have 2 large scars on my stomach, one going from just under my bbs down to my belly button where I had my spleen out and another one from the middle of the other scar to the right side of my stomach where I had my gall bladder out, and I found during pregnancy they did get a little tender at times due to the stretching and also found they became a little itchy around the edges of the scars. I found rubbing Bio Oil on them helped.

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    I've had quite a bit of pain on my right side and the OB said it's most probably due to when i had my apendix out and its scar tissue. I find Bio Oil quiet soothing.

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    I have a decent sized scar on my hip from when I crashed my motorbike a few years back... It does hurt quite often, and has definately started stretching. I have found the Palmers stuff relieves it soooooooooo much!

    Worth a go.

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    I use the Bio Oil too it's great stuff and smells nice. I used it during and after my last pregnancy too and it reduced my stretchies back pretty quickly.
    I also tried the palmers cocoa butter first but the only thing it was good for was to help with the itching.
    Good Luck, hope it's just the stretching and you can find even a temporary fix.

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