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    I have a really tender well sore tummy,

    I started noticing it the other day I guess and then today it's quite sore.

    If I lean forward to eat, touch my toes etc that sort of bending its really tender.

    Could is just be growing pains ? or should I keep an eye on it ?

    If I move from the point it stops which implies its muscular right ??

    I am a little worried as I had some sever vomiting the other night and also a back massage yesterday where I was lying on pillows, neither of these are bending though except the vomiting of course.

    any ideaS?

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    Id keep a watch on it...and if it gets worse see your GP. It could just be all your insides stretching and moving.

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    I think it probably is just your belly stretching and growing. I remember having quite a tender tummy during pregnancy. I was further along then you though. If you are concerned at all then it doesn't hurt to give your carer a call. I called mine a few times about soreness etc and he always reassured me that it was normal what I was feeling.

    Good luck and I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly

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    Thanks, they seemed to ease off yesterday but returned in the evening, and then went again before bed but now back again in the morning.

    I wouldnt say its painful or anything just worrying.... I checked baby's HB on doppler and it was ok sooooo I am going to try not to stress unless it gets worse.

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    I'm 24 weeks, my tummy get sore at times, I tend to just rest or have a lie down if it gets too annoying, if you get to worred talk to a midwife, their pretty cluey. Take care...

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