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Thread: Are these pains normal?

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    Bess Guest

    Question Are these pains normal?

    I have been getting pains, not dissimilar to period pains for the past couple of days. The pains aren't constant, more like sharp pains lower down and the stiff back that I would usually get with my period pains (that bit is constant).

    I don't know which pains are normal stretching pains and which aren't, but today I am feeling partcularly yucky. I am also getting concerned that at 18 weeks tomorrow I haven't really felt much movement. The scan last week was fine but the pains are worrying me.

    I have a high tolerance for pain so the pains aren't really hurting massively, just that they are new. Besides, I have learnt that my tolerance for pain means that my "little" sharp pains, are big to someone else.

    Are these pains normal? I am really starting to panic. If I am getting period pains, I am concerned that something is wrong and I am going to miscarry!

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    Could it be bubs giving ur uterus a beating? I dont know what you should and shouldnt be feeling.

    If you are really worried see your dr or give them a call if it puts your mind at ease at least you know you did the right thing and if theres something to investigate they can and you'll feel better knowing you've done all you could

    Best of luck sweetie i hope things turn out well for you

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    Bess Guest



    Just wish it would give me a swift kick so I know it's okay in there! I had wondered if it was just my uterus and the fact that I am not showing very much at all would suggest that I am carrying it more in my back - hence the back pain.

    Just stressing I guess. Might give the midwife a ring.

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    Hi Bess
    I think your pains are normal. At 18 weeks your uterus is growing very quickly and your fundus will soon appear above your pelvis. Your body is making room for this growing uterus and I think it is that which is causing the pain.
    Don’t worry about not feeling much movement from your baby, some women don’t feel any movement until 20 weeks

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    pint Guest


    Just go see a dr/ob. Just to be on the safe side

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    I had very strong pains like this last time, I haven't this time though. I just called my Dr, & assured me it was perfectly normal. There is a lot of stretching to do as your baby is getting much bigger now.

    I didn't feel movement until almost 21 weeks last time. and although I have this time, I can go days without feeling any. Not because bub isn't moving, but jsut because the movements aren't obvious enough that I always notice them yet.


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    I can say that I had sharp pains and a heaviness similar to AF around that time too and yes, I was very worried but I now know, there was a major pop about to happen! So it was just like growing pains, I think. I had some yesterday too and I felt reassured that my belly is just stretching. Sometimes it feels a bit like a stitch which I've also read is quite common.

    I was desperate to feel movement too but it wasn't until a week and a half ago that I started to really identify the feelings in my belly as the bub moving. Now I feel it every day, like a goldfish swimming around! You just wait Bess, soon you'll be wishing the little bub would settle down in there!

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    Bess Guest


    Thanks guys. You don't know how much this helps! Let's just hope I'm soon a pringle and once I pop I won't stop!

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