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Thread: Tickly tummy??

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    Smile Tickly tummy??


    This isn't anything serious, but all day I've been feeling these tickly twitchy spots around my tummy.

    Pretty sure it's on the skin, not coming from inside, because it's going right around to my sides, which bubs hasn't reached yet. Is it just my skin stretching - eek?? Anybody else had anything similar?? I've tried very hard not to scratch it back, cos I think I read somewhere that scratching can make stretch marks worse??


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    Most likley just ur skin stretching yup. Ive not ever heard on the 'dont scratch' issue before.....

    Maybe thats why mine are so bad!! LOL

    Nah mine never come until the last 2 weeks before DD was born

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    I don't think anything stops stretch marks I couldn't count mine...
    Sounds like your stretching, I've been getting the same thing as well as tickles on the inside too It's amazing how much your skin does stretch, then it seams to all go back into place....

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    Jan, I am getting the same thing and have been do a while now! Mine tends to be more around the middle of my belly but I know its not bubs cause its on the skin. I try not to scratch it but occasionally give it a rub through my top. I havent got any stretch marks on my tummy but I do on my thighs but my thighs arent itchy...

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