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Thread: Tight Clothes Causing Cramps?

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    Default Tight Clothes Causing Cramps?

    Hi Ladies

    Yesterday I wore my old hipster jeans and noticed they were a little tight (okay quite a bit tight ), I was also wearing a pair of boy leg undies that were sort of pressing on my lower tummy.
    An hour later I was starting to get period pain like cramps. I know that is fairly normal to have them (my Ob continually tell me this) but i hadn't had them for weeks until yesterday.
    Since I took my jeans and tight undies off the cramps slowly subsided until they went away.

    Has anyone else noticed that tight clothes/undies seem to bring on crampy like pains?

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    Yes, I noticed this too when I would be growing out of clothes, although I never had a really crampy sort of feeling, i just always felt full - like you do after Christmas dinner and it was always a relief to undo a button or take them off.

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    I had pains from my jeans cutting in when I was driving, and they would linger on quite a bit. Now I can't even tolerate the bellybelt over my bump even though it wasn't an issue with my other PG's.

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    Oh I hear you on this one!!!

    Just last week I was getting this so badly that I went out and bought a lovely new pair of maternity pants with the banded elastic top.

    Never thought I would but they are so comfortable I never want to take them off

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    I had this when i was pregnant with Ryan, so far i hav'nt got it this time, other than the normal cramps, but i'm sure it's not too far away.

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    LouLou7 Guest


    Thanks ladies.
    It happened again today when I was wearing my Gap maternity jeans! I had to drive 2 hours away and by the time I got there the painw as pretty noticeable!
    Maybe bubba is just sitting right where the bands sit on my lower tummy and pressing on him??
    I'm hoping that as I get bigger I will be able to wear my hipsters again!

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    Hi LouLou,
    I found the same thing when I was wearing anything that was too tight on my lower abdomen. Helped wearing much looser pants and underwear.

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    Default solution for seatbelt?

    I've been doing the seatbelt up before I sit in the car, and upon sittin have just been pulling the shoulder strap over my body and leaving the waist strap behind me. No pressure on lower gut which is great!


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