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    Oct 2006

    Question Tightening of Belly

    For the past week or so, my belly goes tight and hard at random times. Lasts anywhere up to around 30 minutes I guess. Happens a couple of times a day and as I said, completely random.

    A lady at work suggested it could be Braxton Hicks....I didn't realise that could happen this early? I'm 19 weeks.

    Will def mention to my ob at the next appt but was wondering if anyone else experienced the same feeling?

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    It will be braxton hicks I dare say

    I got them at around 20 weeks as well... some people get them early and some people don't get them at all!! Everyone is different.. it's perfectly normal though!

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    Yep I would say Braxton Hicks

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    Oct 2006

    Oh thanks Alan and Oshani

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