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Thread: Tingling Feeling in Feet

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    Lorin Guest

    Default Tingling Feeling in Feet

    i am 16 weeks preg and curious, ever since i fell preganant. more close to the last few weeks i have been getting these strange feeling in my feet well like im in bed or dirving feels liek something is crawling under my skin all the time. Does any body else get this or am i just a freak

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    skyelar Guest


    PMSL no I don't think you are a freak
    I had the same thing this morning in my pins & needles kinda?

    I reckon it has to have something to do with the extra blood flow etc.
    BTW checked out your www you are due the day after me!!!
    Come join the October belly buddies \/

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    Lorin Guest


    Thanks for ur reply, how do i find the october forum i had a quick squiz but could not see it? can u tell me what it is under

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    skyelar Guest


    Yep go to Belly Buddies thread in the pregnancy section....
    There is a list of months.....
    Click on October 1st~15th & there we are!!!

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    Lorin Guest


    Thanks Darl see u there

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