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Thread: TMI warning - 2nd tri symptom?

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    Default TMI warning - 2nd tri symptom?

    Hey there,

    I'm not quite 14 weeks, but I'm wondering if what I'm experiencing is a 2nd trimester symptom.

    **TMI warning**
    I was up all night with diarrhea and have had awful cramps today, feeling really spaced out and just awful and dizzy. I don't get gastro, I had it once 5 years ago, never one one before and never since, and this is nothing like it. It's not a stomach bug if you know what I mean, it's just odorless diarrhea.

    I have also peed and peed, have lost most of my belly, it's like my body is getting out all the fluid and food in it. I feel horrible and have just been drinking gatorade, I tried to eat a few things but the cramps start again.

    Has anyone else experienced this from just being pregnant? I had very mild nausea from 6-8 weeks, then no other m/s...maybe this is it happening now?

    Also, does anyone know the symptoms of dehyrdation to watch out for?

    I'd actually go into the hospital if I could, but it is an hour and a half from here, I have no one to watch my kids and no transport as DP is working till late. I'm just not sure what to do.

    I"m sorry about all the TMI...I thank anyone that can help me out

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    Babushka Doll Guest


    hello Tara

    Fancy seeing you here! hehe
    I have had loose bowel movements pretty much ever since I became pregnant, Its pretty weird for me because I wasn't really regular before and now it um.. well wakes me up in the morning. Its not painful like gastro, just quite loose and can happend up to 3 times per day.

    I am also weeing alot more too, especially at night.

    When I saw my OB last I told him about this, I also told him that it concerned me that my urine was always a dull yellow and not clear like it should be in comparison to all the water I drink during the day, its also is a bit smelly at times too, he said that it was probably the Elevit that I have been taking as a supplement that is discolouring my wee and possibly causing loose bowel movements.

    Have you changed your vitamin supplements recently?

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    Can you call your GP or midwife? Its better to be safe than sorry. Have your other kids been sick? It sounds like a virus to me, but you really do need to watch for dehydration. If you are dehydrated your urine output will diminish and it will become more concentrated, so will be darker. If you are drinking, thats good.

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    hehe Hey Bab Doll It's nice we can be almost officially here

    I've noticed I've had extremely cloudy urine...I'm on blackmores pregnancy tablets and taking a separate folic acid, but around 2 weeks ago I started adding a fish oil supplement as I'm still unable to metabolize any protein very well. Maybe it's that kicking in just now? I've also had migraines from hell as you know, and I had to be on panadeine forte for a week, or the vomiting got out of control. I stopped it yesterday and experienced a withdrawal headache which I've still got today, so I'm thinking maybe this other gross thing is withdrawal from that.

    It's just weird, I was getting the constipation really bad as you do for the last two weeks. I had one small serve of metamucil yesterday morning...I wouldn't have thought that caused it though. Maybe that's the answer I'm thinking now?
    Thanks for your help and experience, I must get my butt in to BB's

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    Hey Nat,

    I'm having a lot of gatorade and I'm finally not peeing as much in the last two hours.

    My other kids are the same as me...they have never had gastro at all (I'm lucky!), and aren't sick at the moment nor has anyone been around me.

    I have called them, the only option they give me is coming in which really isn't possible tonight.

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    I go through stages of being constipated, then having diahorreah... it is awful!!!
    I read somewhere that this can be a form of morning sickness for some women? not too sure how accurate that is though.
    Also... in my 2nd tri... all I seemed to do is pee... it never seemed to end!!! It is settling down again now... thankfully!!!

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    Hey Tara?

    How are you feeling? Did you end up going to see anyone?

    It definitely sounds like a bug or something to me as well. I've had it the last few days as well - not gastro as I haven't vomited or anything but just cramps and going to the toilet a lot. I've also never had gastro! With mine I had two days of tummy cramps and two days of cramps with going to the toilet. Today I seem to be all better. I thought it was something I ate but now Louis seems to be going to the toilet lots as well....

    Hope you're feeling better!

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    How are you feeling Tara? Did you see someone? It's good that you don't normally get gastro but do try to remember that when we're pregnant, our immune systems are low which makes us more susceptible to illnesses - even if they're not ones we normally get. I had three cold sores in three weeks early in my second trimester!!!
    Symptoms of dehydration vary but some common ones include disorientation, lethargy, dry cool clammy skin, excessive thirst, headaches, blurred vision. Don't over do it with the gatorade - make sure you keep up the water. If you have too much of a drink like gatorade it can cause lose bowel movements. If you're worried about dehydration to the extent that you are wanting gatorade, you would probably be better drinking something like gastrolite but check with the pharmacist to make sure it is ok for pregnancy. If you're concerned about electorlyte balances, I recall reading a little salt in water is fine as an alternative to plain water but should not be done regularly without doctors consultation.

    HTH and hope you feel better soon.


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    I had a yucky tummy bug at 14 weeks and was feeling awful... Even though I was sure it'd be nothing, I went to have it checked out just for peace of mind. I had a very low grade fever, mild squirts and chucked only once but feld like death warmed up for 3 days.....It can't be any better chasing around after you kids for you.

    I think tummy bugs can hit you at any time. I think (non medical opinion) if there's no fever then it's less likely to be anything sinister but I'm not a doc so don't take my word for it.

    Best of luck,

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