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Thread: Is it too soon?

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    Default Is it too soon?

    To start shopping?? is it only first time mums who want to get everything way too soon?!?!

    My DH found out that because of his Employer, he can get 20% off everything at Babies Galore. Apparently the owner of one of the stores used to work for the same company. I rang them to ask if the offer still applies and the lovely lady told me it did but not for much longer.

    We are going to go shopping next weekend and I jjust wondered if you think that its too early to start buying stuff? My sister is giving us a cot and change table but we need to get everything else.

    I have had my heart set on a Bugaboo for so long and my DH says if thats what I want then I can have it. I am thinking the Gecko but with the discount, the Chameleon will be the same price. Any comments on which one I should go for? What optional extras do you really think I need?

    Anyway thanks for reading. Hope everyone is feeling good today.

    Tink xx

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    go for it atleast you get to save heaps of money

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    Tink, I don't think it's too early. Our nursery was all decked out and completed at 16 weeks pregnant (it was a present from my departing parents-in-law whilst they were overseas for baby's birth) and I think I had our car seat & pram at around the same time too. I felt it was easier to do early because I wouldnt have a big bump in the way.

    The 20% sounds fantastic! Go now and shoppeth!

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    I don't think it's ever too early to start shopping. I started before I conceived, lol. 20% discount is really good. I would go for it but make a list before you go and know what items you need to buy and what other stores like Target, Big W, Toys r US are selling the same items for. I found that the Babies Galore store where we were, were a little more expensive on some items than the department stores. We saved 50% on our high chair buying it at Target. As long as your getting a good price though I'd say go for it, lol. It's so much more enjoyable to shop early when you can get around easier, lol.

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    I held off both pregnancies until around 20 weeks and then both times I have stressed out thinking I've left it too long. If you can get a discount & know the pram you want go for it! BTW in the recommend a product there have been a few discussions on Bugaboo prams so have a read there. If you have the cot & change table thats great.

    The things I did start buying early were the disposable items, like I have atm 1 bulk pack of newborn nappies, 1 bulk pack the next size up, 3 boxes of breast pads, 3 things of maternity pads & heaps of bulk packs of wipes. Everytime I do the grocery shopping I buy something that I will use. Its a bit different now having a toddler around because you use more stuff but I have a few things set aside like newborn organic baby wash etc just for this new one.

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