thread: Tummy Pain

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    Jul 2005

    Tummy Pain

    Hey, is anyone else here getting a lot of muscle pain in their tummy? I get it right down low, like accross the top of my pubic bone and all up the right side... some times to the point where it hurts to get up or out of bed etc. Had me a bit worried last night as i got some sort of cramp across my whole lower tummy- only lasted about 2 mins. Any ideas? Its been going on for the last 2 weeks at least.... im only 19 weeks.

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    Jul 2004

    It's probably just your belly growing and stretching, But if your worried, call your doctor.

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    Oct 2005
    Launceston Tasmania

    I get the exact same thing ecept mine is on the left side. The OB told me its normal the muscles are stretching to accomodate the extra weight in your uterus. If you stand up or move too quickly they pull because they are not used to it and i know it hurts like hell sometimes. If you get bleeding along with it see your doctor but apparently the cramps and sharp muscle pains are normal.
    Have a great day

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    Oct 2005
    Dandenong Ranges

    I'm getting lots of muscle pain too - But since it feels like the muscle and nothing else internally I haven't been worried. I find it is worse on the left side but as I am having twins the babyon the left is lower down, hence more lower pain that side

    I find it is worse first thing in the morning especially if I have to sneeze #-o

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    Jul 2005

    from about week 6-8 i had a similar sensation that was on my right side and under my ribs, i had to keep poking my chest out and leaning back to relieve the pain. almost felt like a constant stitch.I haven't had that for a few weeks now but still getting the odd cramps in my lower pelvis which i think is everything expanding and stretching.

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    Custardtart Guest

    Sounds pretty normal to me, I had the same thing for months.


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    angelique Guest

    Hello there

    I get this all the time too. Sometime I feel heavy around the pubic bone. I assume it is eveything stretching and the baby getting heavier. Apparently you experience this in the second trimester. I get it on either side depending on what is going on down there. I assume it gets worse as the babie gets heavier.

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    angelique Guest

    I even get aches when I sneeze sometimes if it is an earth shattering sneeze. I feel sorry for the baby, must be getting shocked in there heheheh