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    i just had my 19 week ultra sound and had a trainee sonographer. she took about 40 minutes then her supervisor came in and had to re-do most of the measurments as she had done them incorrectly, so it took about one hour. as they were in a rush to get to see the next patient, she just printed out three random photos, all of which were crappy. they gave us two sets of feet and a blurry side view. i know there were better ones because we were watching them take lots. just wondering if anyone knows if i can request more to be printed out or get them in some other way? i went public at the royal womens hospital in brisbane.

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    did they give you film with your baby on it they look like xray film you would get if so ask if they can print some out or see if a photo shop can do it but if they didnt you probly wont be able to get them

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    Your doctor will be sent some. Maybe you can get a copy of those? I have noticed all of the ones printed for me have been of a poor quality. I guess they use a cheap printer to give to patients.

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    no i didnt get any x-ray type film, just three photos printed on thermal paper. i will have to ask my GP if she can give me the film if she gets them.

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    i took a cd with me, and the sonographer transferred about 8 photos each time onto the cd for me, which i put onto my comp at home and printed on my kodak printer myself

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    ARGH!! i wish i had known that i could do this. we rang up and asked if we could get the session taped onto VHS or DVD and they said no due to legal reasons and they didnt think that any hospital did that anymore. i didnt even think about just getting the photos onto a CD! i think i might look into getting the 3D 4D photos done later on. does anyone know how to go about getting this done. i live in brisbane and am doing shared care through ROYAL WOmens hospital.

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