thread: Umm..No easy way to ask about discharge/leaking-

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    Umm..No easy way to ask about discharge/leaking-

    OK.. 8-[ here I am on the message board writing about something that no one else would want to read about other than pregnant women...Ha ha
    So, I'm wondering how many other women are experiencing this waterfall in the 2nd trimester? I'm about to buy stock in pantyliners...
    The other day I was shopping and all of a sudden the front of my jeans were wet and of course I freaked out-- :shock: Went to the hospital and they told me that it wasn't amniotic fluid [-o< Thank God! The doctor told me that it's quite normal to have a heavy flow of discharge in the 2nd trimester due to hormones (??) I just didn't think it would be so "liquidy" I assumed that the discharge would be more "sticky"...(?)
    I didn't experience this with my first child at all so this was quite a shock!
    Please let me know your thoughts on this subject!
    Thank you!!

    --Carla :happy4u:

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    Oct 2003
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    ** Far TMI **

    I had a greater increase in discharge in 2nd trimester, not huge, but I did have more discharge on some days than others where I had to start wearing pantyliners constantly because it all got to wet down there.... 8-[
    But it slowed down for a few weeks and is back up again in the last two weeks... so I know its supposed to be different for all of us... but I have only had one day of .... gush like activity... #-o

    I hope that helps...LOL


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    Nov 2003
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    This is my second pregnancy and have had a lot more discharge especially in second tri. Have had to start wearing linners, more for comfort as the discharge seems to irritate the area if not changed frequantly. Mine started off as thrush but it has cleared up and am left with the watery discharge. I did not have this problem with my first. I expected it as all the books I read told me about it but it just goes to show every pregnancy and every women is different.

    I'm asking my OB this week in regards to the irritation.

    Don't worry. The things us women go through and can talk about when pregnant!!! :smt024