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    Sep 2004


    Hi everyone, sorry i haven't posted for awhile. I just thought I'd keep you guys up to date with my news.

    Had an ob appt yesterday (15 weeks) and got results back from the tests for downs syndrome etc. - all good news thankfully a 1 in 9978 chance of downs. I was so relieved, not that there was any reason to think anything else, but i was scared of the choices that would follow if the risk increased.

    The U/S i had a few weeks ago (at 12 weeks) was amazing!!! I didn't expect to see Bubbles developed so much ('Bubbles' because he/she makes me hiccup a lot lately!!). I was amazed to see him/her wriggling around and sucking it's thumb, doing somersults etc! Got some great photos too.

    Yesterday i heard Bubble's heartbeat for the first time - 158BPM which is normal apparently and will lower to 120 by the birth. How amazing is all this - a little person living inside me!!!!!

    Next U/S at 19 weeks. And that should be the last time i see Bubbles until the birth. We aren't going to find out the sex (or so we agree at the moment!) I think it will be hard not to ask that question!! What choices have the rest of you made about finding out the sex?

    For Christmas I got the DVD of the Human Body. Has anyone seen this series? If you haven't, i definately recommend it! Especially the pregnancy episode. The technology they use is incredible and so detailed. It's definately worth a watch even if you have seen it before pregnancy.

    My clothes are starting to get a bit tight around the waist. It's a difficult time, coz i'm certainly not ready for maternity clothes yet, but my clothes are getting quite uncomfortable! I have already brought new bras as my breasts are getting huge and heavy!!!! Well, for me anyway!

    Hope all is going well for everyone and that you all had a safe and happy festive season (i'm assuming we were all in the same situation - designated driver for the season??!!).


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    Hi Linds

    I got soooo excited just reading your post about your new baby!!!!!!!It must have been cool to watch bubbles doing somersaults and sucking their thumb!I still can't even comphrehend that I have a little person growing inside of me, I still have trouble sleeping at night because I'm so excited!

    On the subject of finding out the sex, hubby and I didn't want to and were going to leave it as a suprise but a few days after we found out I was pregnant we decided that we couldn't wait as long as the birth to find out as I think we'd burst in anticipation!

    Goodluck with everything......................

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    Hi Linds

    Thanks for your post - it was great to hear about your thrilling u/s. I know exactly how you feel - it is amazing to think that there is a baby growing inside of us!

    I am absolutely going to find out the sex....I have to does DH. We want to know who is growing inside me! It is a personal choice though - I don't need another surprise in my life...I have plenty of those already!

    Keep us posted with your pg and congratulations! \/

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    Jul 2004
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    Hi Linds,

    How exciting for you hearing the HB, and having your first U/S!! It sounds like everything is going really well for you and Bubbles

    Just thought I would let you know that there is a thread specifically for you ladies going through 2nd Tri... you can chat in there and give updates etc, and you will probably get a few more people seeing, and responding to your post.
    Just click this link to go there: Second Trimester January 05