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Thread: UTI at 15 weeks pregnant

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    Default UTI at 15 weeks pregnant

    HI Everyone

    I wanted to add this to the forum as I found it quite scary this previous weekend.

    I had been sick and nauseous for weeks and thought gees I am just having an unlucky pregnancy. Well it continued to steal my appetite, and I became increasingly lethargic. I had also had a dull lache in my lower abdomen for about 4 days. At first I put this down to growing pains.

    When I developed a fever Saturday afternoon I took myself to the hospital, and I wanted the pain checked out.

    They found I have a UTI - urine Tract infection. Which was good to know as then at least I finally had a reason for feeling like crap, not just being pregnant. They have given me a safe anti-biotic.

    I wanted to share this story just incase someone else comes across this in the second trimester as well.

    Cheers Jac

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    Jacqui, thanks very much for posting. I'm so glad you finally found out what was causing the problem, and I'm sure you'll feel much better (and enjoy your PG more) once it has cleared up!

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