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Thread: viabrating feeling ?

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    Default viabrating feeling ?

    :eek: ok this will sound odd but i am feeling babys movements pretty strongly now kicks and turning e.t.c. but lastnight i felt a viabrating sensation it went for about a minute has anyone else experienced this or know what it is ?

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    I've had that few times in the 2 months, though it probably lasted closer to 30 sec. It seemed kinda like an internal muscle spasm and since I get the occasional muscle spasm, it didn't seem very odd. Bubs seems perfectly fine so I haven't worried about most of the weird stuff that happens now and then. You could ask your doctor if you're concerned about it.

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    I got it too!

    I was dozing in bed this morning at some time between 'snooze alarm' and 'time to get up alarm', and I felt my tummy swell a little (just like a good sized gas bubble moving through) but it felt different to normal intestinal movement and then it was followed by a good 20-25 seconds of vibrating.

    I would have been totally freaked out if I hadn't read this post a few days ago! So thankyou for sharing.

    I started to really pay attention to intestinal sensations about 2-3 weeks ago (yeah, I know I'm early) so to try to feel the difference between different stuff and I now think I can. I can totally understand how baby's first movements can be mistaken for yesterdays beans!

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