thread: wedding ring test, how to?

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    Mar 2005
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    wedding ring test, how to?

    just wondering if any of you can tell me how you do the wedding ring test to see if its a boy or a girl, want to do it for fun before we find out at the u/s

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    Jul 2004

    Get a strand of your own hair, tie the end of it to the wedding ring, hold it above your belly button without moving your hand. Let the ring swing by itself. It goes side to side for a boy and in circles for a girl, it stops, then if it goes again, you'll have another baby and whatever the gender is and so on until it stops completly.

    I knew someone how did this for a living and got it 100% correct. Although i did this before pregnancy and it said i'd have 2 boys, when i got pregnant it said 1 girl 1 boy, i had a girl first so....

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    Mar 2005

    I did this when preggers with Will, and it said Boy, so yeah it may be right.
    Good luck.