thread: Weighed down - pity party!

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    Custardtart Guest

    Weighed down - pity party!

    I'm four months pregnant and the last week I've suddenly become very obviously pregnant. I'm still the same weight on the scales as when I got pregnant (I started overweight so that is a good thing) so it's just redistribution of weight, but today for the first time I'm feeling very weighed down.

    This pregnancy has made it a lot more difficult for me to exercise, I just find it harder to move, which I don't remember from my previous pregnancies. I've been doing swimming and pilates - all good strengthening, low-impact stuff, but it has been a real effort. Some days it feels like I'm swimming through mud.

    Today I just feel heavy, and I don't feel good about it. It's starting to get to me emotionally - I mean, I KNOW I'm going to feel heavy as the pregnancy develops, but I've only just got over the first trimester of being so TIRED all the time and I have some energy back, and now this feeling of weight is slowing me down - it's enough to make me cry.

    I am taking it easy, but it would be nice to feel I can actually DO all the things I need to do. I've been getting the urge to bake recently (I put it down to nesting) but by the time I've been half an hour in the kitchen rolling pastry or whatever, I am trashed.

    Any suggestions (apart from rest) for helping me feel like I can actually get some energy? I'm not coping too well today.


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    Hi Kerrie,

    What you are feeling is normal and the pg hormones won't be helping much. As people keep telling me, you are making a baby, your body is doing a lot and you will have to slow down. I am like you and like to exercise and do all the things I did before pre pg but I have learned that I can't and have accepted it. Life has become much easier since I have slowed down a little. Are you eating well? You know this feeling will get better and you will get more energy in the 2nd tri. Sorry not much help but I hope you feel better soon.

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    It is hard when you are an active person. I had to give up swimming cause I fwelt the same way, and it was just so frustrating to not swim at my normal speed. I played netball til 19 weeks, but it got so hard towards the end - I realised I'd had enough when a ball rolled past me and I didn't bend over in time to pick it up!!!
    As for the kitchen thing - if its not tiredness thats stopping you cooking, its the bloody sickness. Its all a rough trot, and sometimes you just need to go to bed, pull the covers over your head, and ignore the world.

    Things may get better through your second tri - my skin cleared up towards the end of it, but my energy levels stayed low. Keep eating healthily if you can, get some occasional exercise, and concentrate on growing a healthy baby.

    Best wishes,

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    Feb 2005
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    just remember the other kids take it out of you too, and when you might normally have a nana nap in the other pg's you might not be able to do so in this one! I am sleeping about 10 hrs a night, and I still don't want to wake up each day !! maybe its a vitamen thing, too.Dunno, but at least you know bubs is ok (thats what I tell myself, coz if its draining you, it MUST be thriving!)

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    Custardtart Guest

    Thanks all, it helps to know I'm not alone in feeling this way. I do have high blood pressure, so maybe that is contributing to the problem.


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    mickey Guest

    Hi Custardtart,
    The high blood pressure could be making you more tired, and if you have kids to look after as well, Im sure this makes everything harder.
    I have no wonderfull advise for you, I am at the same stage as you in my pregnancy, and am noticing I sleep longer, and have no extra energy from my extra sleep.
    I hope you are feeling better emotionally today, I know what you mean about the feeling heavy and it getting you down, keep your chin up.
    Sometimes its hard to keep your spirits up when you feel like crap, sending heaps of hugs
    Take care,