thread: Weight gain?

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    May 2003
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    Weight gain?

    Hi all,

    For the first time in my life I am woried about NOT gaining weight!

    I am 25.5 weeks, and have only put on 4kg so far. Is this enough?

    I have asked the midwife, and she said they really don't bother with weight anymore, as long as the baby is showing growth spurts according to scans etc. My funal height was spot on.

    I am eating healthily, & can go for days with little or no appetite.

    I am just worried that 4kg is "not enough"?

    Kelli......if you are out there, you're at the same stage as you mind me asking what your weight gain has been?

    Worrying as usual.....

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    Apr 2003
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    Hey Lucy

    Pretty much the same with me - I've put on 6kg.

    The obstetrician and the Diabetes Doctor both told me that weight gain is different with each person and as long as bubs is growing, it's ok.

    I was worried that I had gained only 1kg in 6 weeks - they just said "where do the books refer to your pre-pregnant weight"??

    I put on TONNES of weight with Cairenn, being on insulin doesn't help. This time round, even on insulin, I am happy with weight gain.

    Hopefully it will be easier to knock off this time!!


    Otherwise you might start to have problems with your blood sugars - and you DON'T want to go me!

    How did your ultrasound go Brooke???

    Hey Kathryn - how many days!!!!


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    Hi Lucy

    I wouldn't stress too much I only put on 10kg for the whole pregnancy with Kameron !!!

    Kelly I am 17wks and 1 day today (Saturday) 13 days till the ultrasound


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    Susan Guest


    I'm almost 23 weeks and havent really gained anything, maybe 2 or so kilos if anything....

    I had gained ALOT more at thsi same stage wiht my first... I had gained about 15 or so...

    With my second I had gained about 4 or so by this point and I gained about 10-14 all up (though I lost alot at the begining)

    I dont worry too much, they dont weigh you anymore as apparently its not that big a deal... it is important to eat when you are hungry as someone else said and make sure you drink plenty of water too

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    Jun 2003

    I didn't gain much with Paris. I actually lost some...but I was (still am LOL) overweight when I was pg and the Dr told me that overweight women usually lose or average out with their weight. Which is what happened with me. But I am starting WW again on monday WOOHOO! So fingers crossed I am closer to looking more like my avatar ROFLMAO!


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    Oct 2003
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    I have put on 1 kg in the past few weeks, but before then I lost 6kg in the first 8 weeks of PG so I guess it is all dependant on how you go, I find the hardest thing is actually eating ....


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    Melinda Guest

    This info has been really useful!!

    I was wondering why my OB hadn't weighed me yet, and obviously the fact that they no longer worry about this is the reason?! I've had fortnightly visits with him and he has not once mentioned my weight or wanted to weigh me. In fact, I told him the last time I was there that I had gained 0.5kg so far and asked if that was ok, to which he replied that it was fine, and made no further comment! Does that sound about right to everybody else??? I'm trying to make sure I eat healthily etc and drink plenty of fluids, but since I'm still struggling with nausea pretty badly, I don't have much of an appetite for anything, so it's been pretty difficult! Some times the last thing I feel like doing is eating and when I do eat, I can't eat as much in one go as I was previously able to - it seems that I am getting fuller more quickly!?

    Your info Cailin has given me some hope LOL - I too am carrying some extra weight and could seriously use to lose a few kilos, so here's hoping I don't stack a pile on during the PG and manage to lose some at the end of the day!!!

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    May 2003
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    Well, I am just about to drop and I have still only put on 6kg in the whole pregnancy.

    I still don't have much actual appetite, so when I do eat, I make sure it is healthy stuff.

    No one has been in the least bit concerned about my lack of weight gain at all...........(apart from me!)

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    Aug 2003
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    Well I can already say that I have put on way to much weight. My pants a already tight. I thought maybe it was because I was bloated, but not sure, I think maybe its the enormous amount of food that I have been eating.

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    Jen Schuster Guest

    Thankyou Lara

    Someone else who has put on weight!!!. I was actually starting to worry with all these stories of no weight gain/ weight loss - LOL

    If only I could stay away from the peppermint freddos - LOL

    Love Jen

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    Oct 2003
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    NOW I have put on weight...oh baby...have I put on weight. I just put on 2.5kg in one week!!! (25-26weeks) So...I went for a long time without putting any weight on and than all of a sudden, wham....


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    Marcia Guest

    I have put on about 3 kgs so far. It's funny because it doesn't sound like all that much weight but my belly really really sticks out and i have had a lot of comments that i look a lot more pregnant than 18 weeks and am i sure that I'm only that far along! Don't you just love the way people think that just because you are pregnant they are free to comment on your weight/size. I know they don't mean to be rude but i spent a week before my ultrasound worrying that I had twins in there or it was a giant baby!

    :smt049 Marcia.

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    okay i just weighed in and I am 59.5kg. So I have put on 8.4kg with this pregnancy so far. I put on 9kg with Kameron.

    7 weeks or less to go yeeehaa.

    Love :smt049

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    Nov 2008

    Sounds fine to me. I'm 31 weeks and I've only gained 6kg. I'd only gained a 1 or 2kg at your stage with this pregnancy and didn't gain any weight with DDs pregnancy until I was well in the 20 weeks!

    Try not to worry and just keep eating healthily. You may be lucky enough to only gain a small amount. I only gained 10kg total with DD and I reckon I'll only gain a fraction more than that this time too.

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    Jul 2004

    This thread is from 2003

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    Nov 2008

    Slightly out of date then!