thread: Weird pain??

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    Butterfly_Princess Guest

    Weird pain??

    Hey all,
    I woke up with a really bad pain in my right fallopian tube/ovary area. I was laying on my left side, and when i turned over to my right side it went away.
    It felt like the area was being stretched to the absolute limits, or like it was going to burst.
    It just worried me a bit at the time because it was really painful. The fact it went away when i changed positions makes me feel a bit better about it, but i was just wondering if any ones felt that kind of a pain before?? Or what it could be?
    Thanks all. It could just be something really small or silly, but i thought id ask the question any way

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    Butterfly_Princess Guest

    I did some research an it seems like 'Round Ligament Pain'

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    Enchanted Guest

    It sure does sound like that Meg. I had it a lot and it freaked me out a few times but it is all just stretching etc. If it is worrying you though maybe get it checked out to be safe

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    Mar 2005

    yep, definitely does sound like round ligament pain - and the best bit is - it will only get worse.

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    Butterfly_Princess Guest

    Best bit?? Or worse lol
    Its all part of the package so its well worth it i guess, as long as bubby is a happy and healthy bubby!

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