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Thread: Weird Pain in RH Ribs

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    Default Weird Pain in RH Ribs


    For the past few days I've been getting some really weird sensations in my right hand side ribs, towards the centre of my chest & just below my bbs. Sometimes it's like pins & needles, sometimes it's more like a stitch or cramp, and sometimes it just feels bruised. It's way to high to be caused by baby kicks, cos bubs just isn't that big yet, unless it's a mutant LOL.

    My OB tells me that it's really normal & nothing to worry about, and I believe him, but what I forgot to ask was "how long" is this going to be around for - ie a few days, a few weeks or the rest of my PG?

    Does anyone have any ideas/experience?


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    I had pain in my ribs and sorry to tell you once it start then it is there till bubby is out :hugs:

    Really try not to slouch when you sit down, and a lay down on your back for a few mins (till it becomes uncomfortable) can relieve it also.

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    I also got that last night and it scared me as i thought it was my heart or that i had cracked a rib. it was hurting even more when I breathed deeply. anyway i got home and took off my bra and found it had perhaps been too tight? had a hot shower and DH gave me a massage on my back (back was also sore but i do have a bad back) and it went away bra is on looser and i am trying v v hard not to slouch etc.
    Could be a good excuse to start getting massages regularly!!!

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    i have also experienced that. it is like this weird tingly feeling. mostly happens when i lie on my side.

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