thread: Weird question.

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    Tiffany. Guest

    Weird question.

    Well, (TMI, I know... ) my vagina has been... stinging, in an uncomfortable way, not so much painful. The entrance, and a little ways in. This may be a totally dumb question, but is this normal? It comes and goes, not very frequently. Nothing else is wrong but that.

    I'm really stumped here. #-o

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    Can't say I've had that before... but you might have thrush! I'd go to the Dr and get checked JIC. Thrush is common during pregnancy because of all the hormonal changes.



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    Tiffany. Guest

    Yeah, I'll definately see the doctor about it. I hope it's not serious, ahhhh. [-o<

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    Sounds like thrush - do yo9u feel the urge to pee even more than usual then only a tiny bit comes out? If it is thrush it's usually pretty easy to treat.

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    I'd second Cai's response there, so definitely ask your doctor. Eating yoghurt is perfectly fine in pregnancy and a good way to help with thrush which is common in pregnancy.

    You can take acidophilus safely in pregnancy, you need to ask your pharmacist for it as it's a live good bacteria and needs to be kept in the fridge. Inner Health sell a good dose of it and I have found it really effective in fending off thrush when you get that early feeling that it's coming. Also ideal if you've had antibiotics (after taking them, not during), been on the pill or been through lots of stress, which tends to result in an imbalance of the good gut bacteria and bad.
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    hope it improves for you soon tiffany!!


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    Melinda Guest

    It does sound like it could be thrush to me, so I'd suggest perhaps asking your Doctor about it.

    I ate yogurt every single day whilst PG and didn't ever get thrush!

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    Tiffany. Guest

    I've made a doctors appointment, but until then I'll be eating a ton of yogurt, just to be safe. Thanks, everyone!

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    Mar 2005

    Hope the Dr is able to help.